Project Topics



The problems of housing and accommodations in Nigeria have become a very big task for the day to achieve. With the setting up of National Housing Fund Scheme by the Federal Military Government of Nigeria in 1992 under decree 5 of 1992 to collect a specified amount of contribution from each individual worker by the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria. The said amount was to be used in the construction of housing musts for distribution to each individual contributor according to the strength of their contribution.          
With this, problem of housing continued to rear its head as a big problem in my government. It is with this in mind that the researcher decided to take up the issue of managing the available contributions for use in the construction of housing units.          
The methods adopted in the collection of data were the secondary and primary source of data collection, but due to the fact that the project was not written before it became a problem to get most of the information needed to write  the research.          
Finally, it was suggested that the management of the firm be given to a private firm in order to make for a better and more efficient service.



The importance of housing as a shelter to man cannot be overemphasized, as it is an essential need to the existence and survival of mankind. Men have there basic needs, namely, food, shelter and clothing. The provision of shelter has thus become major concern for man since creation and has reflected his culture and standard of living through the ages.          
The importance of shelter was stressed by the Federal Government in the third National Development Plan where it was stated that shelter represents one of the basic human needs and has no doubt a profound impact on health, welfare and productivity of an individual. The United Nation (UN) also give it a global recognition on April 12th 1985 where it passed a resolution No 11/12 targeting the year 2000 as one in which there will be home for all.          
The Federal Government then set up the National Housing Fund Scheme (NHFS) to help the common man to have a home of his own and to improve the housing problems encountered in Nigeria. 
The Scheme was made to

(a)   Facilitate the mobilization of the und for the provision of house  fund for the provision of house for Nigerians at affordable prices.

(b)   Ensure the constant supply of loans to Nigerians for the purpose of building, purchasing and improvement of residential houses.

(c)    Provide incentives for the capital. Market to invest in properly development.

(d)   Encourage the development of specific program that would ensure effective financing of housing development in particular low cost housing for low income earners (Workers).

(e)    Provide proper policy control over the allocation of resources and funds between the housing sector and other sector of the Nigeria economy.