Project Topics



The purpose of this study is to survey the Employment Opportunities for Graduate of Office Technology and Management in Imo State. A sample of two public and private establishment were selected and survey at random. The research questions were 4 in number and the sample size used is 70 respondents. The researcher was five point lighter scales. The research revealed that many modern business organization are fast becoming automated and many employment Opportunities available for the graduate Secretary/Office Manager requires efficiency and competence in the use of these automated machines.
Also that Office Technology and Management Programme is poorly implemented in the demand of the Secretarial Profession, as a result many Graduate of Office Technology and Management are unemployed even though there are many employment opportunities for Office Managers. 
Based on the findings, it was recommended that emphasis should be laid on acquisition of skills in modern office Machines, hence are fund should be released for adequate provision of these facilities.
Finally the programme should be mentioned to ensure that it is implemented accordingly to prescription.


1.1 Background of the Study

In modern times, there has been increasing need for specialized coursed towards the promotion of organizational growth to which emphasis have been placed on the study of secretarial studies in this connection, adequate study of this course will help confidential secretaries in the policy formulation, organization and direction of the programmed and objective of any given establishment towards the realization goals.
The job of secretaries developed out of the increasing need for top level executives to have assistants who would retrieve them of much of the burden of office technology and administrative details. In other words, secretaries are administrative office managers in organizations.
In the view of the development of Secretarial Profession Anyanwu (1985) wrote that; the secretary was not born with occurred later as a result of a need to facilitate communication, management of office equipment and enhance the linage of the enterprises.
Fundamentally, the secretarial profession connotes and entails the discharge of the duties and functions of the secretary, which have been induced in the individual through intensive and perhaps elaborate education and training. The secretary is an image maker of the organization and since no business can afford to lose its image, the role of the secretary in the office cannot be over emphasized in her interferences with her executive, her colleagues, and the outside world. Hence, it will be necessary as a basis for expanding the ideals of the procession, to explain at this point, which a secretaries association (international 1985), a secretary is defined as: an assistant to the executive who posses mastery skill of the organization and ability to assume responsibility without direct supervision, and display initiative, exercise judgments and make decision within the scope of her authority.
Looking at Nigeria economy a whole, one should be able to interfere how well or not Graduates of Office Technology and Management have fairing.
How be it, the program has been run without regards to what exactly happens to the products of these program (office technology and management students) after leaving the institution. This question is; are there enough jobs to absorb the products of this program?
In short, what are the employment opportunities for graduates of Office technology and Management (O.T.M) program

1.2 Statement of the Problem
In the Nigeria economy today, there are different factors that reduce the Chance of employment generally, and they are known as the Nigeria factors they include favourism and gratification before performing before performing.
In the case of using wrong personnel to match any position, which he/she is not expected to perform will definitely affect the economy. Against this background, the need for this research work arises in order to determine the possibility of employing graduates of office technology and management in the economy.

1.3 Purpose of the study
The main objective of this study is to find out the Employment 
Opportunities for Graduates of Office Technology and Management.
Specifically the study will attempt to:
a. Evaluate the office equipment for the training of an Office Technology and management Graduates for employment.
b. Evaluate the type of training given to an Office Technology and management.
c. Find out the skills expected of an Office technology and Management (O.T.M) job seeker
d. The impact of office equipment skill on the (O.T.M)

1.4 Research Questions
The following research questions were asked to guide the study:
i. What is the office equipment required for the training of an O.T.M an
and why?
ii. What kind of training is being given to an Office Technology and
iii. Of what important is an Office Technology and Management 

1.5 The Scope of the Study
This research work will concentrate on general data to show the level of employment opportunities for the graduates of office technology and management in public and private sectors of the economy.

1.6 Limitation of the Study
This research has been so far constrained by the following factors:
i. Lack of adequate time for research to be carried out.
ii. Lack of time for adequate guidance and counseling for details
development of the study.
iii. Inadequacy of money for material for the proper development of the
the study.
iv. The attitude and researches consulted for information need to this

1.7 Significance of the Study
This study will generate data showing the employment opportunities for graduates in Office Technology and Management and why a secretary/office manager should posses’ office machine skills necessary for effective performance in public and private organizations.
The significance of this study also lies in its attempt to make secretaries/offices manager the technical-know-how and factors required of them for employment. The significance is well shows that it will be of the great assistance to organization whether in the private or public sectors and also to government establishment who may use is as a reference material in directing their actions.
The researches unprejudiced assessment of the perspectives and employment opportunities for Graduates in Office technology and Management (O.T.M) will provide interesting challenges and answers to this study and will be use as a material guide at the National Diploma level.