Project Topics




1.1       Background to the Study

            According to Peretomode (1995) indiscipline means unruly behaviour, disobedience and general disorder it has been noted to be one of the most outstanding factors that has affected adversely the standard of education in the national school system in general. Denga (1989) noted that indiscipline among students/pupils come out clearly when they beat-up their teachers, flout their school rules, refuse to do their assignment or carryout their duties, cheat in examination, organize and participate in immoral parties or riots either n school or else where.

            According to Edom (1982), indiscipline is a violation of school rules and regulation which is capable of obstructing the smooth and orderly functioning of the school system and should be consequently avoided through perfect orientation of students and imposition of positive sanction in cases of obvious violation of the order.

            Chambers twentieth century dictionary describes indiscipline as a more of life in accordance with rules subjection to control. Ozula (1986) listed some acts of indiscipline which includes disobedience, Vandalisation, fighting, rioting disorderliness, smuggling e.t.c.

            According to siddharthpani (2009), student’s indiscipline is a problem that confronts the entire country, one can notice indiscipline, and law laziness and absenteeism e.t.c. among students in various forms student are often found absent from classes, taking out processions and raising slogans. There are several causes of indiscipline among primary school pupils. The chief reason is that students being young have no patience and get excited with no tolerance. They get angry on trivial matters and because some want to give vent tot heir enthusiasm and indulges in lawless activities.

            Indiscipline has a very bad effect on every one and it is the student that suffers it most. Often, educational institution as an example suffers it due to indiscipline where by institution are been closed for an indefinite period and the entire educational machinery goes out of gear. There is a colossal waste of time and budding human life. Indiscipline is often the cause of lot of mental, emotional, and also physical damages such as damage to property in homes as well as in schools.

            Efforts should be made to device ways and means to put a end to the sorry state of affairs of students indiscipline. According to Nwogwugwu (1989) in post primary schools there are fewer riots and violent demonstration but indiscipline rears its ugly head principally in the bullying of juniors by seniors.

            Indiscipline according to Akubue(1991) in a typical classroom, the teacher is likely to encounter insolence, class disruption, failure of students to comply with orders, general apathy, fighting, cheating, damages to the school books and property, failure to obey prefects, neglects of class ruler, united habit in dress. All these must be checked if meaningful teaching and learning will go on and if indiscipline must to be eradicated.

1.2       Statement of the Problem

            Indiscipline in schools is a great threat to the life of the society. It has been repeatedly said that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. These points suggest to regular study of the behavior that they do not drift out of the path approved by the society of which they are part and the future hope.

            This project addressed to the problem of indiscipline and the predisposing factors among primary school pupils in Abeokuta South Local Government Ogun State.

1.3       Objectives of the Study.

            The objectives of the study are:-

1.         To find out societal influence of indiscipline on primary school pupils.

2.         To find out home background causes of indiscipline of pupils/students.

3.         To investigate how poor school administration causes indiscipline.

4.         To find out if peer group has in anyway cause indiscipline in school.

5.         To find possible solution to indiscipline among primary school pupils.

1.4       Research Questions

1.         What are the causes of indiscipline among primary school pupils?

2.         What are the differences between the types of indiscipline engaged by male and    female pupils?

3.         What are the difference between the factors that are responsible for indiscipline     between male and female?

4.         What are the possible solutions to indiscipline among primary school pupils?

1.5       Significance of the study

            The significance of the study is to identify the causes and solution to indiscipline among primary school pupils. These finding will go a long way in exposing teachers, school authorities, parents and other stake holders to the causes of indiscipline in schools, And this will help in curbing indisciplinary behaviours in schools.

            Finally the findings of this study would help parents, teachers, school, administrations, government, and society to know the various roles they should play in curbing indiscipline.

1.6       Scope/Delimitation of study

            The study on indiscipline and predisposing factors among primary school pupils is limited to primary school pupils in Abeokuta South Local Government Area of Ogun State.

1.7       Operational Definition of terms

*        Indiscipline:- Lack of control with the result that pupils behave badly.

*        Predispose:- To make pupils more likely to behave in a particular way.

*        Pupils:- Someone who is being taught especially a child.

*        Delinquency:- The illegal or immoral behaviour especially by school pupils.

*        Menace:- A person or thing that cause or may cause serious damage to the society.