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In the history of human development education has been the national bedrock in development. This was due to the extent of respects accorded to it but nowadays, it is quite sad and pitiable that such reputation is long gone simply because it is found to be reserved for the downtrodden; and mediocrity. Teachers who were beneficiaries in this educational sector turned out to be the benchmark due to the rate his counterpart erode his aspiration. Now, the study sought to determine the public perception of teachers’ status and their job satisfaction in Udi local Government of Enugu state. To achieve this aim of the study, objective among others is to find (if it is possible), the status of teachers in Nigeria and so to confirm or repute the assertion that the teachers occupy a low status in the country. Data for the study was collected using questionnaire and interview while result and discussion were through percentage and table based on the views of 80 randomly selected respondents were mostly teachers and students who were literates. So most teachers sees teaching as a spring bound to pursue a higher degree and that employment is easy in its profession. Therefore, it is recommended among others that no graduate who did not study education should be allowed to teach, to  maintain the professional ethics of teaching career. And the condition for admission into educational programmes should be as high as any other faculty in the university.




In the history of human development, education has been the bedrock of any nations development. In the traditional African society, it was through the education of the child by its parents, community, and peer group that the culture and norm of that society were transmitted to its younger generations and therefore preserved.

In our complex modern society, the rule of education cannot be overemphasized. It ranged from that of self realization, the development of human relationship, of self and national economic efficiency, of the development of national economic efficiency, of the development of national Economic consciousness, of the development of effective citizenship and civil responsibility of establishing and maintaining national unity, of social and political progress, and of the development of scientific and technological awareness.

For the effective realization of the these educational goal, it is obviously pertinent to look at the teacher whose responsibility is to impact the required knowledge his very lowly beginning, his public image and the effects of these on the teaching profession. About the early 1920s, the teacher was an important person, especially in the rural parts of the country.