Project Topics



Water Purification Unit or filtration unit is designed in way that it will give a nice result. Like in our filtration, we have sand and carbon filter that were responded to separate the suspended solid particles, odour  and taste of the water, which will give a very nice filtered water at the end of the filtration. This unit has no chemical engineering operation, but a physical separation process that will separate the dead micro organisms and the task, colour odor of the water.   The chlorine content or amount of chlorine that should be close to water that full our bucket should be 4mgll and if it is hard water it will be

reduced to 3mgll.   The sand was suspended on a net, where it was arranged in layers, gravel or coast sand, semi coast, and fine sand, while in carbon, also suspended on a net, where coast sand was first layer before the polished and graded carbon.



Technologies for water treatment are now well established and are capable of producing almost any degree of purity.   The main issue surrounding the selection of any given process lies in deciding which is the most appropriate and applicable technology for the particular social, political and economic environment.   Hence this report concentrate on the construction of a filtration unit or purification unit to be used in filtering water suspended particle.

Water is an oxide of hydrogen, when dry hydrogen is ignited in air, it burns with a faint blue flame to give steam, which will condonse on any cold surface to form water.

          2H2(g)          + O2(g)                         2H2O(g)

          Hydrogen          Oxygen                   Hydrogen oxide (water)

Water is one of the most common substance known.   It constitutes bont 70% by mass of the earth surface.

Fundamentally, water is essential for life to exist.   Man drinks between 700 and 1000liters of water every year.   If one lose more than 20% water there is a sever risk of damage to one’s health.   Water has a wide range of applications both domestic and industrial wise.   The quality standards of water suitable for some purpose can be defined in fairly definite terms whereas the quality of water required for other uses is quite variable.   Thus, the degree of purity of any water limits its uses or application.   Hence, the need for water purification unit.   Water purification units are of various types and functions.   One could be to reduce the level of turbidity and colour, or the remove the bacterial load or more still to reduce the total dissolved solid.   However, there is need for clarity of water before you ever talk of further purification needs.   Hence the motive of this project which is to design a purification unit that will take care of the clarity of the water.


The major objective of the project is to examine and study the fundamentals of water purification units, particularly the filtration unit.

Thus, it is aimed at designing and constructing a filtration unit, that can filter water for use in areas where water is needed in a medium scale.

Therefore, the objectives of the project can be summarized as follow.

(1)          To construct a filtration unit ie  both standard carbon filter.

(2)          To design and construct process flow system for the water filtration unit.

(3)           To use locally available water source for sample and treatment.


In the project we intend to cover the filtration aspect of water treatment as it concerns design and construction of the filtration unit.   Two filtration units will be constructed, one for sand, one for carbon.

Locally sourced water will be analyzed Raw and after passing through the unit.   


In this case, we will search the literature in water purification unit particularly filtration unit.   Construction of this unit in the workshop and experimental of the water used in the unit test run.