Collins’s biography, net worth, fact, career, awards and life story

Intro Badminton player
Is Athlete 
Badminton player 
From United Kingdom 
Type Sports 
Gender female

Collins may refer to:


  • Collins class submarine
  • Tom Collins, a gin cocktail, and the Collins glass in which it is traditionally served
  • Collins English Dictionary



  • Collins (surname)

Given name

  • Collins Cheboi (born 1987), Kenyan middle-distance runner
  • Collins Denny (1854–1943), American Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.
  • Collins Denny, Jr. (1899-1964), American pro-segregationist lawyer.
  • Collins Injera (born 1986), Kenyan rugby player
  • Collins John (born 1985), Liberia-born Dutch footballer
  • Collins Obuya (born 1981), Kenyan cricketer


  • HarperCollins, publisher
  • William Collins, Sons, defunct publisher (merged into HarperCollins)
  • Collins Booksellers
  • Collins Industries, bus builder
  • Rockwell Collins, avionics manufacturer
  • Collins Classics, former record company


  • Collins, Georgia, a city in Georgia, United States
  • Collins, Indiana, an unincorporated community
  • Collins, Iowa, a city in Iowa, United States
  • Collins, Mississippi, a city in Mississippi, United States
  • Collins, Missouri, a village in Missouri, United States
  • Collins, New York, a town in New York, United States