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Intro Musician
Is Musician 
Record producer 
From United States of America 
Type Business 
Gender male
Birth 29 September 1988, Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California, U.S.A.
Age: 31 years
Star sign Libra

Nessex is an American electronic musician, remix producer and DJ. Nessex has become popular mostly due to his eclectic style of music production, and a strong social media following. Nessex is an independent artist, label owner, and music producer with hundreds of thousands of fans spanning all parts of the globe. He’s currently signed to Billionaires Records, and the current owner of Zombie Eater industries. Nessex has recently gained massive support from the trap music community, and has become one of the most popular producers of the genre.

Nessex specializes in a large variety of genres including, but not limited to, electronic dance music styles like dubstep, drum and bass, & electro house. Nessex also composes and produces hip hop, trap and ambient instrumentalism, as well.

Nessex has performed as a DJ in various clubs along the East & West Coast, and has also toured the United States sporadically while attending college & living in Southern Texas.

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When Nessex was very young he developed a fascination with modern technology. This obsession with computers led to him eventually becoming a computer programmer, and web-designer at the age of 14. He began producing music a year later, at 15 years old, when this technology obsession lead him to discover that it possible to use his laptop for music production, without the use of an expensive studio. Eventually becoming better at engineering he was granted the opportunity to work with popular battle-rappers & hip hop icons like C-Rayz Walz, recording & mastering vocals for the established MC. At the age of 20 Nessex was still a musician by hobby but he decided to attend Dubspot Academy, where he spent 6 months learning the production techniques used in several genres outside of hip hop, including EDM.

It wasn’t until years after that he decided upon the moniker Nessex and began releasing original production & remixes, after solidifying his skills as a young DJ.


These are musical releases that have been made available to the public and released under the “Nessex” moniker, either officially or for promo purposes.

  • Monsterfuck Party EP (2012) – Production, Mastering
  • I Don’t Give a Fuckstep EP (2012) – Production, Mastering
  • Where’s Molly?! EP (2013) – Production, Vocals
  • Kinetic EP (2013) – Production
  • Pizza Slut EP (2014) – Production
  • Rehab Bunny EP (2015) – Production
  • Firetrap EP (2015) – Production
  • Monsterfuck Party (2012)
  • She Wants My Dick (2013)
  • Where’s Molly (2013)
  • Destroyer of Worlds (2013)
  • Try Again (2013)
  • Dubstep 4 Whores (2014)
  • Hot Sauce (2014)
  • Get Dirty (2014)
  • About That Place (2014)
  • Big Chocolate – “American Head” (2012)
  • Cutline – “Let Me Go” (2012)
  • Danzic – “Bumbacrafts” (2012)
  • Document One – “Clap” (2011)
  • Dodge & Fuski – “Aerophobia” (2012)
  • Rihanna – “Skin” (2012)
  • SKisM – “Experts” (2012)
  • Xilent – “Choose Me II” (2012)
  • Zion I – “Coastin'” (2012)