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Sherry Ibrahim Biography

Sherry Ibrahim (Syarizad Binti Ibrahim) is a Malaysian actress, modeland TV host born on 3rd April 1983 in Petaling Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. She is popularly known for her role as Iffa in Teduhan Kasih. She previously worked as a  flight stewardess for Malaysia Airlines before making her debut in acting.

Sherry Ibrahim Age

  • Sherry was born on 3rd April 1983 in Petaling Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia (35 years old)

Sherry Ibrahim Education

  • She attended St. Mary’s Girls’ School, Kuala Lumpur for her education

Sherry Ibrahim Family

  • Her parents are Ibrahim Yaacob and Norliza Maamun. She has two younger sisters.

Sherry Ibrahim Career

Sherry Ibrahim worked as a flight stewardess for Malaysia Airlines since 2001 until her contract expired in 2006. She made her acting debut in a TV series in TV3, Dunia Baru, under director M. Hitler Zami, followed by various appearances in acting, hosting and commercials. In 2010, she paused her acting career and took a position as flight stewardess for Qatar Airways.

After a break in her artistic career since 2010, she made a comeback in 2012 when her contract with Qatar Airways ended. She was offered a small role in drama series Setia Hujung Nyawa from episode 16 onwards at TV3 Malaysia.

Sherry Ibrahim Boyfriend

Sherry Ibrahim was in a relationship with Ashraf Muslim, a Malaysian actor and model until they separated in early 2009. In October 2014 she began a relationship with Fattah Amin, a Malaysian actor and model.

In August 2016 Sherry Ibrahim broke up with Fattah Amin. They had a seven year difference but Sherry denied that the age difference was the cause of separation.

“If you do not want us to force you, do not you? My statement is not something shameful but I believe every one that’s there is wisdom. After all he is not my husband and we are never married. Regarding the breakdown of love, I do not think age is the cause, it all depends on ourselves whether we are sincere or not. All of God’s provisions, I consider what this happens as a test. He’s a soul mate and I am only so far, “he said when met at the launch of Sherry Ibrahim’s newest single, Seikhlas Cinta at the Mercu Mansion Mustaffa Kamal, Neo Damansara on Thursday evening.”

Sherry Ibrahim

Sherry Ibrahim said she was surprised when the news became public. She did not know about it as she was on vacation abroad.

“This happened while I was vacationing in Doha for a week and I honestly did not know that he (Fattah) had made such a statement.I knew about this when my manager told me. We have been in love since last night and actually agreed to discuss before giving a statement. I asked him to ‘hold’ the statement for some time because it was not easy for me. If I can wait for the right time because it’s busy with work, but when the statement has been released suddenly, I can not do anything. If I can not comment on the matter and then I do not want to be associated with him.”

Sherry Ibrahim Films

Year Title Role Director Notes
2009 Maut Black Metal Kid Bade Hj. Azmi Uncredited
2010 Kapoww!! Nola Azizi Chuck Adnan

Sherry Ibrahim Drama

Year Title Role TV Channel
2006–2007 Dunia Baru Emma Zalina TV3 Season 2 & 3
2007 Cinta Tak Bertepi RTM1
2008–2009 Renjis Mila Astro Ria Season 1 & 2
2008 Lara Rindu Mahsuri Mustika TV3 & TV9
2009 Cinta Untuk Ain Zarita TV3
Biru Cinta De Laguna TV9
Fotocopi Ain RTM2
Cik Ah Cik Nin Nina Astro Prima
2010 Chapalrela Puteri Astro Warna
2012 Setia Hujung Nyawa Eriza TV3 from ‘Malay Novel by Fatin Nabila’
2013 Teduhan Kasih Iffa TV3 from ‘Malay novel by Marissa’
Dia Tetap Ayah Sakinah Astro Maya HD
Projek Memikat Suami Adira Sulaiman Astro Ria
Aku Bukan Superstar RTM
Abadi RTM
2014 Hingga Akhir Nanti Dr. Maira RTM
2014-2015 Cinta Ibadah Dr. Irma Astro Maya HD (Pre-production) ‘2nd Season’
2014 Shampoo Girl Intan ‘Guest Artist’ TV3
2015 Keluarga Karaoke Azura Astro Mustika HD
Eksperimen Cinta Seri TV3 (Pre-production) from ‘Malay novel by Anjell’
2016 Gerak Khas TV2
2017-2018 Syurga Yang Kedua Ellis Astro Maya HD

Sherry Ibrahim Telemovie

Year Title Role TV Channel
Mimi Tapau
2013 Cinta Kapcai Awin TV1
Pengancam Perkahwinan Astro Ria
2014 Mata & Hati Pendusta Azura Astro Oasis
Janji Qasidah Qasidah/Anis TV1
2015 Manisnya Bulan Madu Ameesha TV3

Sherry Ibrahim TV Host

Year Title TV Channel Notes
Layar Lensa RTM
Dari Suara Hati
2009 CHOPP! TV9
2014 1001 Destinasi Malaysiaku! Bernama TV ‘Astro 502’ Pre-production

Sherry Ibrahim Instagram

Sherry Ibrahim News

Sherry Ibrahim condemns man’s marriage to pre-teen girl

The recent news of a 41 year-old man marrying an 11-year-old girl had sparked outrage among Netizens, and popular actress Sherry Ibrahim wasn’t shy to voice her thoughts on the issue too.

Taking to Instagram to express her disagreement, Sherry said it’s “too much” for a man to wed such a young girl.

“No! This is not right! This guy is too much!”

“Menggunakan agama untuk cover up” (Using religion as a cover up).

“Your third wife that you married is only 11 years old! Disgusting!”

Based on recent reports, the man had expressed his intentions to provide a comfortable life for the bride’s parents upon marrying her.

The father of the bride, who is a rubber tapper had accepted the man’s proposal as he said he would only live as a married couple and register their marriage in five years’ time.

But Sherry begged to differ and said that if he really wanted to help the family, there were other ways to do so.

Netizens agreed with her and also condemned the man’s actions.

Source: New Straits Times (1st July 2018)