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Danny Aiello was born in the big apple, New York City USA, on West 68th Street, Manhattan, on 20 June 1933, and dons the hat of an actor whose career has spanned over four decades, and who has starred in over 80 movies, earning him loyal legions of fans globally. He is probably best known for his portrayal of the character, Salvatore ¨Sal¨ Frangione in the 1989 movie, ¨Do the Right Thing,¨ which even earned him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

So just how rich is Danny Aiello, as of early 2017? Despite working in the industry for a lengthy period, compared to the likes of Hollywood superstars, according to authoritative sources Danny has only been able to accumulate a modest net worth of $3 million from his acting career.

Danny Aiello Net Worth $3 million

The fifth of six children, Aiello had a difficult upbringing as his father, Daniel Louis Aiello, Sr, a laborer by trade, deserted the family when he was a child, leaving his blind wife to take care of six children all by herself. At only 16-years-old, Danny enlisted in the US Army for three years, after lying about his age. He also worked as a union representative for Greyhound Bus workers and served as a bouncer at the comedy club, The Improv, before pursuing a career in acting. At least by now he had the basis of his net worth.

He landed his first acting gig when he was cast to play a ballplayer in the film, ¨ Bang the Drum Slowly, ¨ alongside Robert De Niro in 1973. A year later, he ad-libbed the famous line ¨Michael Corleone says hello!¨ in the critically acclaimed ¨The Godfather II.¨ From then onwards, the offers started flooding, however, prior to his performance as the fiancé of Cher in the rom-com ¨Moonstruck ¨ in 1987, Danny had been restricted to only portraying characters that were vulgar and violent. Fortunately, that role showcased his versatility as an actor and people then started taking further notice of him. Also his net worth began rising.

It was only a matter of time before he reached the pinnacle moment of his career; his role in the 1989 film, ¨Do the Right Thing,¨ earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. The man also made a smooth transition to the small screen. He enacted stellar scenes as Lt. Terry McNichols in the TV series ¨Lady Blue¨ from 1985 to 1986, and since then Danny has also appeared in the 1997 TV series ¨The Last Don ¨ and ¨Dellaventura.¨

Additionally, Danny recently showcased his writing prowess in 2014 when he published his autobiography, ¨I Only Know Who I Am When I Am Somebody Else: My Life on the Street, On the Stage, and in the Movies, ¨ via Simon & Schuster.

Danny lived in Ramsey, New Jersey, for several years before setting up his humble abode in Saddle River, New Jersey. He is married to TV producer Sandy Cohen; the couple has been living under the same roof since exchanging wedding vows in 1955. Their coupling led to the birth of the stuntman and actor, Danny Aiello II; regrettably, their son crossed the great divide on 1 May 2010, owing to complications that arose from pancreatic cancer. They have two other sons and a daughter. The actor also has a famous nephew in Michael Kay, who serves as an announcer for the New York Yankees baseball team.

Full Name Danny Aiello
Net Worth $3 Million
Date Of Birth June 20, 1933
Died May 1, 2010, Hillsdale, New Jersey, United States
Place Of Birth Manhattan, New York City, New
Height 1.91 m
Profession Actor
Education James Monroe High School
Nationality American
Spouse Sandy Cohen
Children Rick Aiello, Danny Aiello III, Stacy Aiello, Jamie Aiello
Parents Frances Pietrocova, Daniel Louis Aiello, Sr.
Siblings Rick Aiello, Stacy Aiello, Jamie Aiello
Awards Obie Award for Performance, Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer In Children’s Programming
Nominations Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture, Gemini Award for Best Guest Performance in a Series by an Actor or Actress
Movies Léon: The Professional, Do the Right Thing, Hudson Hawk, Moonstruck, Once Upon a Time in America, The Purple Rose of Cairo, The Godfather Part II, Jacob’s Ladder, Dinner Rush, 29th Street, Once Around, 2 Days in the Valley, Fort Apache, The Bronx, The Protector, Harlem Nights, The Pick-up Artist, L…
TV Shows Dellaventura, Lady Blue, The Last Don
1 Burly Italian-American characters with volcanic tempers
2 Silky smooth speaking voice
Title Salary
Brooklyn Lobster (2005) US$75/day
1 I was 40 when I did my first movie. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. My interpretation of acting at the time, because I didn’t know how to build a character, was pure energy. People call me an instinctive actor. I used to consider that an insult early on, only because I had never studied. Now… I love it.
2 Look, people have an image of Italians. When I go somewhere in the world, I don’t care where it is, when they look at me it’s not about my intelligence. It’s who can I beat up.
3 [comparing The Godfather: Part II (1974) with The Sopranos (1999)] I don’t know anyone who curses the way they do in an Italian household. I never said the word “hell” in front of my mother. That was a different time, but I have sons and they have never said the word “hell” in front of me or my wife. That’s the truth, that’s the truth. There was certainly less profanity, and there was a kind of respect. It’s not that I totally agreed with it, but it was a great piece of art.
4 My entire family were Democrats all our lives. But because how furious I was about the previous administration and the particular person running that administration, I turned in my card to become a Republican because I did not want to be known as a Democrat under that person’s regime. I’m a traditionalist. I have certain values that I live by, and he practices none of those things, so he can never be what I consider to be a great man. But I don’t go around saying he’s not my president. He’s out of office now, so I can say that I never truly accepted him in my heart. And I’ll never say anywhere down the line, I’ll never reflect back on this moment in time and say it was a good period for the American people. Because the economy was good, anything goes, and that troubles me. I think many of them are very comfortable with money and don’t have to subject themselves to anything other than say, hey – maybe I’m guilty for having all this, and I want to make believe I’m splitting it with the less fortunate. We talk about Hollywood being pro-labor, yet about 70% of our industry has been farmed out to Canada, meaning we are losing jobs like crazy. Where’s organized labor asking how we can allow such a thing to happen? The producers know that if they go to Canada, they can make a picture for one-third the price they can in the U.S.
5 The first time I put on a dress and a wig and they took a Polaroid of me, I wanted to throw up. Except I saw a little bit of beauty in that I looked like my mother.
1 She completed work on film to be released in 2004 – _Zeyda and the Hit Man (2004)_ (working title), directed by Melanie Mayron, and starring himself & Judd Hirsch. [August 2003]
2 March starts filming Brooklyn Lobster (2005) in New York. [March 2004]
3 He will be releasing his first album of standards titled “I Just Wanted To Hear The Words” under the IN2N lable in late March or early April 2004. [February 2004]
4 June 2004 will appear on Dinner for Five (2001) with host Jon Favreau and guests include John Waters, Delroy Lindo. [June 2004]
5 Was in Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” music video, playing her father.
6 A lifelong resident of New York City, Danny and his six siblings were raised almost single-handedly by their mother.
7 Sold newspapers and shined shoes at Grand Central Station in his youth.
8 Served a three-year stint in the Army, and was at one time stationed in Germany.
9 Once was a bus driver and the president of the Greyhound Bus union in his 30s before he pursued acting.
10 A former bouncer at New York’s comedy club, The Improvisation, he broke into the business when he started filling in there as an emcee.
11 Among his various charitable interests include Covenant House (a mobile unit that provides food, shelter health care, counseling, education and job training to homeless teens,) the United Way, the Salvation Army, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, and the Frances Aiello Day Treatment Center in Brooklyn (named after his late mother) that treats young blind and deaf adults and children.
12 The 70-year-old Aiello released his first single, “All of Me,” in March of 2004, and followed it a month later with an album of standards. Continues to sing on tour with an eight-piece jazz band.
13 His son, actor/stuntman/stunt coordinator Danny Aiello III died of pancreatic cancer in 2010 at age 53.
14 Played Police Chief Vincent Aiello in Once Upon a Time in America (1984).
15 He was nominated for a 1976 Joseph Jefferson Award for Actor in a Principal Role for his performance in “That Championship Season”, at the Arlington Park Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.
16 Is Italian-American.
17 He says that the one thing that annoys him more than anything is if a man is rubbing a girl’s back (or vice versa) on a movie set, or even if people of the same sex are rubbing each others’ backs.
18 Uncle of New York Yankees sportscaster (radio/play by play) Michael Kay.
19 Father of Danny Aiello III, Rick Aiello, Jamie Aiello, and Stacy Aiello.


Title Year Status Character
Little Italy 2018 filming Carlo
The Neighborhood 2017 post-production Joseph Donatello
Fielders Choice 2017 TV Series
Reach Me 2014 Father Paul
Henry & Me 2014 Dr. Acosta (voice)
Capone: The Rehearsal 2011 Short
Stiffs 2010/I Frank Tramontana
Madonna: Celebration – The Video Collection 2009 Video Papa (segment “Papa Don’t Preach”)
A Broken Sole 2006 The Shoemaker
The Last Request 2006/I Pop
Lucky Number Slevin 2006 Roth
Brooklyn Lobster 2005 Frank Giorgio
The Fool 2005 Short Voice of the Dummy
Zeyda and the Hitman 2004 Nathan
Mail Order Bride 2003 Tony Santini
Off Key 2001 Fabrizio
Prince of Central Park 2000 Noah Cairn
Dinner Rush 2000 Louis Cropa
Mambo Café 2000 Joey
18 Shades of Dust 1999 Vincent Dianni
The Last Don II 1998 TV Mini-Series Don Domenico Clericuzio
Wilbur Falls 1998 Phillip Devereaux
A Brooklyn State of Mind 1998 Danny Parente
Dellaventura 1997-1998 TV Series Anthony Dellaventura / Dellaventura
The Last Don 1997 TV Mini-Series Don Domenico Clericuzio
Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis 1997 Mr. Rathbone
Mojave Moon 1996 Al
2 Days in the Valley 1996 Dosmo Pizzo
City Hall 1996 Frank Anselmo
Two Much 1996 Gene
Brothers’ Destiny 1995 TV Movie Duke
Lieberman in Love 1995 Short Joe Lieberman
Power of Attorney 1995 Video Joseph Scassi
Save the Rabbits 1994 Short Ronnie
Ready to Wear 1994 Major Hamilton
Léon: The Professional 1994 Tony
Me and the Kid 1993 Harry
The Pickle 1993 Harry Stone
The Cemetery Club 1993 Ben Katz
Mistress 1992 Carmine Rasso
Ruby 1992 Jack Ruby
29th Street 1991 Frank Pesce, Sr.
Hudson Hawk 1991 Tommy Five-Tone
Once Around 1991 Joe Bella
He Ain’t Heavy 1990 Short
The Closer 1990 Chester Grant
Madonna: The Immaculate Collection 1990 Video Papa (segment “Papa Don’t Preach”)
Jacob’s Ladder 1990/I Louis
Harlem Nights 1989 Phil Cantone
The Preppie Murder 1989 TV Movie Det. Mike Sheehan
Shocktroop 1989 John Cunningham
Do the Right Thing 1989 Sal
White Hot 1989 Charlie Buick
The January Man 1989 Captain Vincent Alcoa
The Third Solution 1988 George Sherman
Alone in the Neon Jungle 1988 TV Movie Chief
Moonstruck 1987 Mr. Johnny Cammareri
The Pick-up Artist 1987 Phil Harper
Night Heat 1987 TV Series Frankie D.
Man on Fire 1987 Conti
Daddy 1987 TV Movie Coach Jacobs
Saturday Night Live 1987 TV Series Master of Ceremonies
The Hustler of Money 1987 TV Short Master of Ceremonies
Radio Days 1987 Rocco
Madonna: Papa Don’t Preach 1986 Video short Father (uncredited)
Lady Blue 1985-1986 TV Series Lt. Terry McNichols
Key Exchange 1985 Carabello
The Protector 1985 Danny Garoni
The Stuff 1985 Vickers
The Lucie Arnaz Show 1985 TV Series
Lady Blue 1985 TV Movie Lt. Terry McNichols
The Purple Rose of Cairo 1985 Monk
Death Mask 1984 Capt. Mike Grasso
Tales from the Darkside 1984 TV Series Tommy Vale
Old Enough 1984 Mr. Bruckner
Once Upon a Time in America 1984 Police Chief Vincent Aiello
3-2-1 Contact 1983 TV Series Florist
Blood Feud 1983 TV Movie Randy Powers
A Question of Honor 1982 TV Movie Martelli
Nurse 1982 TV Series Gene Halley
ABC Afterschool Specials 1980-1982 TV Series Frank Caruso / Dominic Ginetti
Gemini 1982 TV Movie Fran
Chu Chu and the Philly Flash 1981 Johnson
Fort Apache the Bronx 1981 Morgan
Hide in Plain Sight 1980 Sal Carvello
Defiance 1980 Carmine
Lovey: A Circle of Children, Part II 1978 TV Movie Bernie Serino
Bloodbrothers 1978 Artie
The Last Tenant 1978 TV Movie Carl
On Our Own 1978 TV Series Skip Mazarelli
Fingers 1978 Butch
The Godfather: A Novel for Television 1977 TV Mini-Series Tony Rosato (uncredited)
Hooch 1977
The Andros Targets 1977 TV Series Lt. Phil Lombardi / Phil Lombardi
Kojak 1976 TV Series Matty
The Front 1976 Danny LaGattuta
The Godmothers 1975 uncredited
The Godfather: Part II 1974 Tony Rosato
Bang the Drum Slowly 1973 Horse


Title Year Status Character
Celebrity Taste Makers 2012 TV Series executive producer
Capone: The Rehearsal 2011 Short producer
UnConventional 2004 Documentary executive producer
Shorty 2003 Documentary executive producer
Dellaventura 1997-1998 TV Series executive producer – 14 episodes


Title Year Status Character
That’s Amore!: Italian-American Favorites 2008 TV Movie performer: “Some of These Days” – uncredited
Off Key 2001 lyrics: “Stacy” / performer: “Stacy”
Mambo Café 2000 performer: “Give My Regards to Broadway”, “Some of These Days”
Saturday Night Live 1996 TV Series performer – 1 episode
Once Around 1991 performer: “Fly Me to the Moon”, “Glory of Love”, “Mama”
Night Heat 1987 TV Series performer – 1 episode


Title Year Status Character
Save the Rabbits 1994 Short


Title Year Status Character
The N.Y. Friars Club Roast of Rob Reiner 2000 TV Movie Himself
Nulle part ailleurs 2000 TV Series Himself
The Directors 2000 TV Series documentary Himself
The Rat Pack 1999 TV Series documentary Narrator (voice)
The N.Y. Friars Club Roast of Jerry Stiller 1999 TV Movie Himself
Cosby 1997 TV Series Himself
Late Night with Conan O’Brien 1996-1997 TV Series Himself
The Rosie O’Donnell Show 1997 TV Series Himself
Late Show with David Letterman 1997 TV Series Himself
Unforgotten: Twenty-Five Years After Willowbrook 1996 Documentary Narrator
Saturday Night Live 1996 TV Series Himself – Host / Eddie Antonelli / BusdriverRonnie Pilaski
Sinatra: 80 Years My Way 1995 TV Movie documentary Himself
HBO First Look 1994 TV Series documentary short Himself
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 1993 TV Series Himself
One on One with John Tesh 1991 TV Series Himself
The 63rd Annual Academy Awards 1991 TV Special Himself – Presenter: ‘Goodfellas’ Film Clip
Late Night with David Letterman 1991 TV Series Himself
Building ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ 1990 Video documentary short Himself
Night of 100 Stars III 1990 TV Movie Himself
Comic Relief IV 1990 TV Special documentary Himself
The 62nd Annual Academy Awards 1990 TV Special Himself – Nominee: Best Actor in a Supporting Role
The 47th Annual Golden Globe Awards 1990 TV Special Himself – Nominee: Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
22nd NAACP Image Awards 1990 TV Special Himself
Richard Lewis: I’m Doomed 1990 TV Movie Himself
Making ‘Do the Right Thing’ 1989 TV Movie documentary Himself
Later with Bob Costas 1989 TV Series Himself
The Pat Sajak Show 1989 TV Series Himself
Live with Kelly and Ryan 1989 TV Series Himself
Nightlife 1987 TV Series Himself
The 39th Annual Tony Awards 1985 TV Special Himself – Presenter: Best Featured Actor in a Play
Captain Kangaroo 1980 TV Series Himself
Cop Show 2016 TV Series Himself
When Pop Culture Saved America: A 9-11 Story 2011 TV Movie documentary Himself
Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf 2011 TV Series Himself
Italy’s Forgotten Earthquake 2011 Documentary Narrator (voice)
All Night with Joey Reynolds 2011 TV Series Himself
Just Laugh! 2010 Documentary Himself
City of Light 2010 Short Himself
Mulberry St. 2010 Documentary Himself
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2010 TV Series Himself – Celebrity Question Presenter
One Man Show Off 2010 Documentary Narrator
American Psych Ward 2009 Documentary Himself
A Man Among Giants 2008 Documentary Himself
That’s Amore!: Italian-American Favorites 2008 TV Movie Himself – Host
Harry: A Communication Breakdown 2008 Documentary Narrator
Moonstruck: At the Heart of an Italian Family 2006 Video short Himself
Good Day Live 2004 TV Series Himself
Dinner for Five 2004 TV Series Himself
Last Call with Carson Daly 2004 TV Series Himself
Last Laugh 2003 TV Movie Himself
Cannes: Through the Eyes of the Hunter 2001 Documentary short Himself

Archive Footage

Title Year Status Character
Entertainment Tonight 2014 TV Series Himself
Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness 2012 TV Series documentary Vickers
Video on Trial 2006 TV Series Madonna’s Father
The Godfather Trilogy: 1901-1980 1992 Video Tony Rosato

Won Awards

Year Award Ceremony Nomination Movie
1994 NBR Award National Board of Review, USA Best Acting by an Ensemble Prêt-à-Porter (1994)
1990 BSFC Award Boston Society of Film Critics Awards Best Supporting Actor Do the Right Thing (1989)
1990 CFCA Award Chicago Film Critics Association Awards Best Supporting Actor Do the Right Thing (1989)
1989 LAFCA Award Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards Best Supporting Actor Do the Right Thing (1989)
1981 Daytime Emmy Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Individual Achievement in Children’s Programming – Performers ABC Afterschool Specials (1972)

Nominated Awards

Year Award Ceremony Nomination Movie
1997 OFTA Television Award Online Film & Television Association Best Actor in a Motion Picture or Miniseries The Last Don (1997)
1992 CFCA Award Chicago Film Critics Association Awards Best Supporting Actor Once Around (1991)
1990 Oscar Academy Awards, USA Best Actor in a Supporting Role Do the Right Thing (1989)
1990 Golden Globe Golden Globes, USA Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture Do the Right Thing (1989)
1988 Gemini Gemini Awards Best Guest Performance in a Series by an Actor or Actress Night Heat (1985)