How would you describe the Sagrada Familia?

The Sagrada Familia is an expiatory temple, that is to say, a place made to commemorate the reparation of sins made against God or the laws of the Church. The work is directly financed by donations made by visitors and the public, which explains its slow construction progress.

What makes La Sagrada Familia unique?

Its Height is Remarkable. When La Sagrada Familia is completed, it will be tallest religious building in all of Europe. The central tower in the middle will reach 170 meters tall. Despite having a powerful height, Gaudí believed that nothing man-made should ever be higher than God’s work.

Why is the Sagrada Familia so well known?

Until his death on June 10, 1926, he worked on the Sagrada Familia. Under Gaudí, the church became so important because of its expansive dimension and lush design that it soon became known as “the cathedral”. Gaudí was convinced that the city would someday be known for “his” church.

What is unique about the interior of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia?

The interiors of Sagrada Familia is designed to represent Nature, with columns as trees and various creatures have hidden throughout the basilica. Moreover, he believed that the work of humans should not exceed the work of God, and designed the central tower to be a meter shorter than the Montjuic hill of Barcelona.

Why Sagrada Familia is not finished?

The Sagrada Família, Barcelona’s unfinished art nouveau masterpiece, will not be completed by the centenary of architect Antoni Gaudí’s death in 2026, as initially planned, as a result of the halt in construction due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What style of architecture is the Sagrada Familia?

Art Nouveau Architecture
Gothic Revival architecture
Spanish Gothic architecture

What materials are used in Sagrada Familia?

La Sagrada Familia/Architectural styles

What is the famous church in Barcelona?

The stone material used includes various sandstones and granite, as well as reinforced concrete for the naves. Thin masonry timbrel makes up much of the vaulting.

What are the Sagrada Familia towers?

La Sagrada Família is one of Gaudí’s most famous works in Barcelona. It’s a giant Basilica that has been under construction since 1882 (that’s not a typing error) and it’s not expected to be completed for some time yet. Picture of Sagrada Família – a giant Basilica in Barcelona by Antoni Gaudí.

How many steps are in the Sagrada Familia?

Gaudi’s original vision for the towers includes 18 spires, to represent the Twelve Apostles, Virgin Mary, the four Evangelists and Jesus Christ. Of the 18, only 8 spires have been completed so far.

What is the best time to visit Park Guell?

Many people are sceptical about going up the Sagrada Familia Towers due to the mere thought of coming down winding stairs. The stairs coil around the tightly closed walls and they are railing free. There are 504 stairs and though climbing them might seem like a task, it is entirely safe and not physically tiring.

What country would I visit if I wanted to walk in the La Sagrada Familia?

Best Time to Visit Park Guell

Try to enter before the 9:00 AM slot, to avoid crowds and enjoy good vantage points. You can also opt for a later timing, closer to the closing time, to enjoy the city views by the sunset. In this case, cover the attraction before sunset as it is not highly illuminated.

Can you see Sagrada Familia for free?

It’s also a symbol of Barcelona and of Catalan Modernism. If there is one attraction you can‘t miss durnig your visit, it’s the Sagrada Família! Gaudí’s temple, with more than three million visitors every year, is the most visited monument in the whole of Spain.