Where can I buy a SEPTA monthly pass?

SEPTA | SEPTA | Regional Rail Update: Weekly & Monthly Trailpasses Available on a SEPTA Key Card. SEPTA Key Cards are available for purchase at: SEPTA Regional Rail Sales Offices at Temple, Jefferson, Suburban, 30th Street Station, and University City. All outlying SEPTA Regional Rail Station Ticket Offices.

How much is a weekly pass SEPTA?

Weekly TransPass | $25.50

Sale of a Weekly TransPass begins Wednesday of the previous week through Tuesday of the valid week.

How much is a SEPTA Key pass?

How much does it cost to buy a SEPTA Key Card? Effective May 4, 2018, the cost to purchase a Key Card is $4.95. If you Register your Card within 30 days of the purchase date, the $4.95 purchase fee will automatically be applied to the Card Travel Wallet (only valid for Cards purchased on or after May 4, 2018).

How much does it cost to ride SEPTA?

Bus fare is $2 per ride; your first transfer is free, $1 for your next transfer if you have a SEPTA Key card. If you’re paying cash, the cost is $2.50 and you must have exact change – the Bus Operator cannot make change.

What time do SEPTA student passes stop working?

The SEPTA Student Fare Card is active for each designated school day from the hours of 5:30 am to 8:00 pm. SEPTA Student Fare Cards will not be operational on national holidays, weekends, and predetermined non-school days.

Can I pay by card on SEPTA?

SEPTA riders can now use their credit or debit cards to pay for single trips on the Market-Frankford and Broad Street lines. … Paying via the kiosks means riders can use a credit or debit card, or can get change if they use cash but don’t have the exact fare.

What age is SEPTA free?

Senior Citizens, age 65 and older, with a valid ID, ride FREE at all times on all Transit Routes (Bus, Trolley, Trackless Trolley, Broad Street/Broad Ridge Spur Line, Market Frankford Line/Norristown High Speed Line) and on Regional Rail for travel to/from stations located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Are SEPTA rides still free?

Seniors can ride any SEPTA bus, subway or trolley free at all times. Riders with disabilities are eligible for reduced fares on SEPTA’s fixed route service. Persons with disabilities may be eligible for a Reduced Fare Card for systemwide travel.

Does SEPTA take cash on the train?

Conductors accept cash on the train. … Fare Kiosks accept cash, credit, and debit. 4. If you are using a SEPTA Key card, tap the card on the Platform Fare Validator to “open” your trip.

How much do kids pay on SEPTA?

In case you missed it, effective July 1, 2020, children under the age of 12 ride free on SEPTA when accompanied by an adult. This change brings big savings to families that like to travel together on SEPTA and it also means children under 12 do not need their own SEPTA Key card.

How much are kids on SEPTA?

Free transfers are another major component of the plan. Under the proposal, customers who use Travel Wallet on SEPTA Key would be able to get one free transfer per trip a savings of $1.

What do seniors need to ride SEPTA?

SEPTA would like to remind senior riders that effective Saturday, Sept. 1, they will need a SEPTA Key Photo ID Card or a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License or Non-Driver ID with a magnetic strip to receive free rides.

What is Septa quick trip?

How much does Philly septa cost?

One Way Regional Rail Pricing
Travel to or from Center City Philadelphia
Travel to/from Center City Phila. Travel Wallet Weekday Kiosk / Sales Office Weekend/Evening
CCP/1 $4.00 $4.25
Zone 2 $4.75 $4.25
Zone 3 $5.75 $5.25

What is a septa transfer?

Customers who use Travel Wallet on SEPTA Key get one free transfer per transit trip – resulting in a savings of $1. The free transfer also applies to customers using a SEPTA Key Reduced Fare Card. … You have up to two hours from the start of your trip to use a transfer, which is a 30-minute increase.

Can I use septa quick trip on the bus?

These transit pass products are valid for travel on subway lines, city and suburban bus routes and trolleys.

Can I use my SEPTA Key on airport line?

If you already have a SEPTA Key card and normally purchase a TransPass for your commute on the Airport Line, you can continue to use the same Key card, but for July, you will need to purchase/load a Zone 1 TrailPass.

Can you buy a SEPTA Key card at the airport?

You can buy a SEPTA Key card and load/reload fare products at Regional Rail Ticket Offices during regular Ticket Office Hours and from the Fare Kiosks at the Airport, Penn Medicine Station, 30th Street Station, Suburban Station, Jefferson Station, and Temple University Station.

What is SEPTA phone number?

(215) 580-7800
SEPTA / Customer service
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Does SEPTA bus take Apple pay?

The good news is that SEPTA’s out-of-date tech is leading to quite the fun new perk! With the new card readers (which SEPTA also expects to have a lifespan of about five years), riders will be able to pay for trips with Apple Pay and the Android equivalent.

Can I use my SEPTA Key card at the ATM?

The Instant Plus Card has additional capabilities of cash reload and ATM withdrawals. To request an Instant Plus SEPTA Key Prepaid Mastercard, you must contact Customer Service at 1-855-567-3782.