Is Ximena a common name?

Ximena is an old Spanish and Portuguese female equivalent of the Hebrew biblical name Simon (which means ‘hearkener, listener’). … Ximena is currently the 2nd most popular female name in all of Mexico.

What is a nickname for Ximena?

Nicknames for the name Ximena:

Xi. Mena. Mia.

What does the name Ximena mean for a girl?

SHARE. Also spelled Jimena, this name derives from the biblical name Simon, which means “listener.” Naming your daughter Ximena means she may actually listen to you when you ask her to put her toys away.

How many people in the world are named Ximena?

Ximena is also the 10,235th most frequently occurring given name at a global level, held by 99,489 people. The last name is most frequent in Ecuador, where it is carried by 19 people, or 1 in 837,150.

What nationality is the name Ximena?

Baby Name: Ximena

Is a Spanish or Basque feminine form of Simon, taken from the Greek form of Hebrew name, Shimon. It was the name of the wife of El Cid Campeador, a Castilian nobleman and then military and political leader who conquered and governed the city of Valencia in the 11th century.

How do you say Ximena in English?