How do I cancel my HBO Go account?

How do I cancel my HBO GO subscription?
  1. Go to Google Play Store on your Android Device (you must be signed in using the Google account that is used to pay for your HBO GO subscription)
  2. Select the Menu icon.
  3. Select Subscriptions.
  4. Select HBO GO.
  5. Select Cancel Subscription.
  6. Select Cancel Subscription again to confirm.

Can I cancel HBO GO anytime?

Subscription and Free Trial

HBO GO subscriptions are billed through a number of subscription providers, such as iTunes and Google Play. You can cancel your subscription (including free trial) at any time.

How do I cancel Hbogo on my iPhone?

iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device.
  2. Tap your name.
  3. Tap Subscriptions. If you don’t see Subscriptions, do the following instead: Tap iTunes & App Store. Tap your Apple ID (your email address), then tap View Apple ID.
  4. Find and tap your HBO subscription.
  5. Choose Cancel Subscription.

Can you cancel HBO go after free trial?

During your free trial period you won’t be charged and you can cancel at any time. To avoid being charged after your free trial period ends, cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before your free trial ends. If you cancel your free trial, you can continue enjoying HBO GO until your trial ends.

How long will HBO be free?

How Much Does HBO Cost After the Trial?
Type of HBO Service Duration of the Free Trial Monthly Cost After the Free Trial
HBO TV free trial 7 days Up to $10
HBO Go free trial 7 days Up to $20
HBO Now free trial 30 days $15
HBO Max free trial 30 days $15

Is HBO free with Amazon Prime?

The company offers HBO as a channel subscription for $15 a month to Prime subscribers who can then access its programming through Fire TV. Customers currently paying for HBO on cable or an HBO Channel subscription can access the app at no extra cost.

How much is HBO a month on Amazon Prime?

Buying HBO a la carte — through HBO Now or as an add-on to Amazon Prime — will cost you $14.99 per month.

How long is HBO free on Amazon Prime?

Start Your 7-Day Free Trial! You can cancel anytime and you will not be charged at all if you cancel before your free trial ends. Once you start your Amazon Prime HBO Max free trial, you get unlimited access to your favorite HBO contents (the same great contents that were earlier available through HBO NOW and HBO GO).

Is HBO worth getting?

HBO Max is well worth the price if you ask us. There is so much new, original, and exclusive content that there’s no chance you and your family will get bored.

Why is HBO streaming so bad?

Video is blurry, pixelated or poor quality

The HBO app streams video at the highest quality possible. Internet connection speed or network bandwidth can impact the quality of video playback. If your network bandwidth is too low or the connection speed fluctuates, you might get a lower resolution video or no video.

Which is better Netflix or HBO Go?

HBO is perfect for movie lovers and fans of its original shows and movies. If you want to watch these series, you need HBO—plain and simple. Netflix has a greater overall selection of content with must-see originals of its own, including The Witcher, Orange Is the New Black, Stranger Things, and Black Mirror.

Which is better HBO or HBO Max?

The biggest difference between HBO Max and HBO is what you can stream. HBO Max. Stream all of HBO together with a collection of classic TV favorites, even more blockbuster movies, and new Max Originals. HBO (previously called HBO NOW and HBO GO).

Why is HBO being discontinued?

WarnerMedia will discontinue HBO and WB TV channels in India, Pakistan, Maldives and Bangladesh later this year as the entertainment conglomerate struggles to find a sustainable business model in South Asia despite operating in the region for more than a decade.

Do I have to pay for HBO max if I have HBO?

Yes – You likely have access to HBO Max at no extra charge!

Is HBO max free with HBO?

If you subscribe to HBO through Amazon Appstore, Apple, Google Play, Roku Channel Store, Samsung TV, WarnerMedia, Consolidated Communications, Liberty, North State, Optimum, Service Electric Cablevision, Verizon Fios, or Ziply Fiber, then you have access to HBO Max Ad-Free right now, at no extra cost!

Is HBO Max the same as HBO now?

HBO Max is the same price as the standard HBO streaming service, which was previously known as HBO Now. HBO Max offers all of HBO’s content plus a ton of new stuff from a variety of WarnerMedia brands — all for $15 a month. Most HBO subscribers can watch HBO Max with their existing account at no extra cost.

Is HBO max free with Hulu?

Hulu. Try Hulu with HBO Max free for one week, then just $14.99/month. Additional content only available via HBO Max app. Hulu with HBO Max requires Hulu base plan subscription.

Is HBO Max the same as HBO on prime?

Stream all of HBO Max

Once you add HBO on Prime Video Channels to your Prime membership, you can stream all of HBO together with a collection of classic TV favorites, even more blockbuster movies, and new Max Originals. To stream all of HBO Max, sign in through Prime Video Channels. Choose Sign in with a Provider.