Can Aquarius and Pisces be soulmates?

Both signs share the same passion, and they can become excellent friends as well as great lovers. Aquarius can introduce Pisces to different worlds, especially on the intellectual level. A relationship between a Pisces and an Aquarius is a love match that brings so much satisfaction.

Why are Pisces so attracted to Aquarius?

Pisces can be more instinctively nurturing to an Aquarius; they can still open them up sexually but also offer something that Aquarius craves and Scorpio often neglects—romance, emotional intimacy, and originality. Aquarius can have their deep, fantastical love with a Pisces without the crushing breakup.

Can Pisces man and Aquarius woman marry?

They will fall madly in love with each other from their first date. This is a relationship full of true love and immense physical attraction. The Pisces man Aquarius woman marriage will be harmonious, which means it will last long and flourish everyday. Affection and understanding will be something normal between them.

Is an Aquarius and Pisces a good match?

Pisces Aquarius is sometimes a bad match. As with all low scoring matches, it can certainly work well if you’re both prepared to compromise in key areas, in this instance however you’re far more likely to be okay with that than your Aquarius is, so things are largely out of your control.

Are Aquarius good in bed?

Open-minded, tolerant and undemanding – Aquarius makes a great sexual partner and friend. But if you’re looking for old-fashioned romance, and a lover to make you feel really special, the typical Aquarian is unlikely to fit the bill.

Where do Aquarius like to be touched?

Aquarius‘ Favorite Body Part: Calves And Ankles

Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac, always willing to stand up for what they believe in.

Are Aquarius bad at texting?

Aquarius doesn’t text back and they don’t because they never saw that you texted them, to begin with. It’s important not to rely on texting with beginning a relationship with an Aquarius but, unlike Taurus or Scorpio, this doesn’t mean you can rely on face to face time with them either.

Do Aquarius like to cuddle?

Aquarius is one of the least cuddly signs there is. It’s no secret that Aquarius loves hard. But cuddling isn’t his thing, no matter how close you are with him. He gets easily annoyed, too warm to feel comfortable, and feels like his arm is always falling asleep.

Do Aquarius go back to their exes?

Do Aquarius guys ever come back after a breakup? The short answer is: yes. Aquarian men will come back to a relationship when it suits them to. Their hot and cold persona can have them changing their minds on a whim.

Do Aquarius woman miss their ex?

As the ultimate freedom-seeker of the zodiac, Aquarius tend to do just fine after a breakup. Although they may not seem like the type to care about an ex post-breakup, there are three zodiac signs Aquarius will likely regret breaking up with.

What should you not say to an Aquarius?

Top 7 Things NOT To Say to an Aquarius
  • Call Them Aloof or Cold. Aquarius like the Pisces lives in two worlds – the only difference is their razor sharp intellect.
  • Stupid!! Aquarians pride themselves on their brains.
  • Rubbish Their Ideas.
  • Question Their Knowledge.
  • Criticize Them.
  • Hate Travel.
  • Be Petty.

Do Aquarius move on quickly?

Moving on for Aquarius isn’t as easy as their cool demeanor would suggest, but for the zodiac’s visionary, it’s important to stay focused on the future. So even though an Aquarius moves on from a relationship quickly, the effects of the breakup linger on.

Does Aquarius fall in love easily?

Aquarius is another sign that doesn’t really need a romantic relationship in order to be happy. According to O’Connor, they’re very social beings. It doesn’t mean that Aquarius won’t ever fall in love. It just takes a really long time.

How do Aquarius act when they like someone?

Aquarius adores privacy. They are emotional beings, but they hide it until they feel someone can handle it. Aquarius also doesn’t like being vulnerable, so if they are willing to be vulnerable and open with you, that means they are taking a liking to you.

How do Aquarius act when rejected?

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

While Aquarius will try to appear as if they’re fine and not really affected by being rejected, inside they’ll be seething. The more intense their feelings get, the more they’re going to badmouth the person who rejected them, and unfollow and block them on all social media.

Why are Aquarius hard to date?

The hardest part about dating an Aquarius is their rigidity. These are hard asks for stubborn, fixed-sign Aquarius. They have a deep drive to adhere to their lofty ideals, no matter how impractical they are, or how much they might oppose someone else’s emotional needs.

How long does Aquarius hold a grudge?

Aquarius is one of those zodiac signs who sometimes loves her friends more than she loves herself. She would do absolutely anything for her friends – besides giving up who she is. When it comes to holding grudges, she can hold one for a year or so and only when she feels really hurt.

What do you do when an Aquarius woman ignores you?

Ask them to join you in an activity that they enjoy. Trying to connect when an Aquarius ignores you will ease them back to you because it is something they like to do. The free-spirited Aquarius only does things when they have some sort of motivation to do so. They never do things just for the hell of it.

How do you know if an Aquarius woman misses you?

Just like the Aquarius man, an Aquarius woman is someone who notoriously wears her heart on her sleeve. Not only will an Aquarius woman text you when she misses you, but she will go as far as sending you songs that remind her of you. In the end, an Aquarius woman just wants to leave her heart on the line.

Is it good to ignore an Aquarius woman?

When Aquarius woman ignores you, it’s better to give her space and silently observe her behavior for awhile. She will come back once being calmer and getting better emotionally. If this situation is over one month, then you need to apologize her sincerely before everything gets much worse.