Why was the coffin empty in Lost?

The coffin was not on the plane because the supervisor of the baggage department refused to load it, in spite of what the customer service representative in the terminal agreed to do. It is lost because it was susequently loaded on another flight, possibly of another airline, but no one updated the database.

Who did Jack visit at the funeral home?

Jeremy Bentham
John Locke (as “Jeremy Bentham”)

In 2007, Jack learned of the death of “Jeremy Bentham” by reading a newspaper clipping. He attended a viewing at a funeral home, and was the only mourner.

Who is in the casket in through the looking glass?

Later, Jack breaks into the funeral home and looks inside the casket. Ben is in the room and tells Jack that he can only go back to the island if all of them go back, including Locke. In Episode 5×07, The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, the alias becomes a focus.

What happened to Jacks fathers body in Lost?

Christian later suffers a severe heart attack and dies in an alley. His body is discovered and placed in a morgue, where he is identified by Jack. A funeral service was arranged back in LA, but Jack has trouble clearing Christian’s coffin onto the doomed plane.

Did the Oceanic Six really get off the island?

Only two attempts at escaping the island were successful, the Oceanic Six Escape and the Ajira Escape. Only one of the Oceanic Six was on the second rescue, Kate. The other members of the Oceanic Six (minus Aaron) died upon returning to the island, with the exception of Hurley, who remained behind.

What happened to Sawyer on Lost?

The Man in Black however, had conned Sawyer into stealing the sub so that he could eliminate the remaining candidates with a bomb. After the explosion, Sawyer was knocked unconscious and brought ashore to safety by Jack.

Does Jack find out Claire is his sister?

At Christian Shephard’s memorial service, Carole Littleton, who has recovered from her coma, tells Jack she and Christian had a relationship which produced Claire, revealing her to be Jack’s half-sister. Eventually, before departing to return to the island, Kate reveals to Carole that Aaron is Claire’s son.

Is Jack’s dad Sawyer?

Now all the firearms are with Jack, who locks them back in the marshal’s case. They start to talk, and Jack says, “that’s why the Sox will never win the Series.” Sawyer realizes Christian is Jack’s father, but does not tell Jack that he met Christian.

Who is the man in the suit in Lost?

The episode marks the first appearance of actor John Terry, who plays Jack’s father, Christian Shephard (the mysterious man who Jack chases in the jungle).

What happens to Claire’s baby in Lost?

For other uses of “Aaron”, see Aaron (disambiguation). … Aaron was left behind by Claire in the jungle for unknown reasons when she followed his grandfather, and Aaron was passed through multiple survivors (Sawyer, Kate, Sun) until he made it to the freighter where he was then picked up by the helicopter.

Why does Kate have Aaron on Lost?

When she escaped the island though, she found herself carrying Aaron while Claire was left behind. She chose to raise the baby herself, claiming she’d given birth on the island. The guilt of raising someone else’s child eventually convinced her to return to the island to find Claire again.

Who does Kate end up with in Lost?

Jack and Kate eventually moved in together and became engaged before breaking up. They did spend one night together after Jack convinced her to return to the island. His plan to reset time shocked her because it meant that it would erase their relationship, but she eventually gave in.

Does Kate have Sawyer’s baby?

What is Kate’s baby’s name on Lost? She raised Aaron Littleton as her son, but she finally decided to return to the Island to rescue his mother, Claire.

Who is the father of Sun’s baby in Lost?

LOST — And the father is…

JIN!!! Finally we found out in the previous episode of LOST that the father of Sun’s baby is Jin, NOT the man she had an affair with. After realizing that all the women on the island who are enceinte die, Sun demands Juliet to answer her questions.

What is the monster in Lost?

Man in Black (Lost) The fictional character and the main antagonist on the American ABC television series Lost is most frequently referred to as The Man in Black (but also referred to as “The Smoke Monster” or simply “The Monster” by the main characters).

Who was in handcuffs on Lost?

Season 2. Kate and Locke descend into the hatch, Kate entering first. Once inside, she is locked up by Desmond.

What was in the briefcase in Lost?

A Zero Halliburton-type aluminum suitcase was brought on the plane by the U.S. Marshal, Edward Mars. The case contained weapons (four pistols), boxes of ammunition, documents, and a keepsake of Kate’s, her toy plane. Specifically the case is a Zero Halliburton 5″ Premier Silver Attaché P5-SI.

Who survives at the end of Lost?

There are only 6 survivors of the middle section that are alive, Walt, Sawyer, Kate, Claire who left the island and Rose and Hurley who stayed on the island, and a maximum of 14 survivors of the tail section that are presumably still alive including Bernard, bringing a grand total of 20 survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 …

Why does jin have a handcuff on?

Season one. Upon landing on the island, Jin becomes overprotective of Sun, and forbids her from consorting with the other survivors. … (For this reason, Jin continues to wear one handcuff around his wrist, until it is cut off partway into the second season).

What is Kate’s backstory on Lost?

Katherine Anne Austen, more commonly known as Kate, is one of the survivors from the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Before the crash, Kate had spent many years fleeing the law after killing her abusive father. … Off the island, Kate consummated her feelings for Jack and they began a romantic relationship.

Is Claire deceased in Lost?

He said he believed her and then told her he loved her (the first and last time he said those words to her). As she composed herself, she saw Walt again, and ran after him to prove that she had, in fact, seen him. Sayid ran after her. He was just a little behind her when the gunshot fired – and killed her.

Is Jin alive lost?

It was the sigh of relief heard ’round the “Lost” universe: Jin is alive!He’s alive! When “Lost” viewers last saw Daniel Dae Kim’s Jin, he was standing on a freighter that exploded, as his wife, Sun, watched from a helicopter. … The producers assured fans last season that Jin would be seen again — in life or death.

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