10 Best Investment Companies in Nigeria


There are many of them in the country and we did some extensive research on these companies in order to get the top 10 companies and this is what we found.

  1. Citi Trust Investment Limited

Citi Trust Investment is one of the top choice investment companies with a focus on stock brokerage. The company provides excellent financial services to both individuals and corporate clients.

 Popularly called Citi Invest, Citi Trust Investment Limited has a company culture of transparency, professionalism and integrity. Some of the reputable services include:

  • Stockbrockerage
  • Securities trading
  • Investment benefit management
  • Portfolio management
  • Financial advisory services and
  • Asset management

The company has a subsidiary that provides asset management services. This is the Citi Trust Asset Management Limited which is duly registered by Security Exchange Commission as a fund manager.

Overall, Citi Trust Investment is known to manage their client relationship excellently while offering sound financial advisory services.

  1. Afrinvest Limited

Afrinvest is another topnotch investment company in Nigeria. The company is focused on four major areas namely:

  • Investment banking
  • Securities trading
  • Asset management
  • Investment research

The company provides research content on the Nigerian market and serves as a major advisor to blue chip companies across West Africa on M&A and international capital market transactions.

Also, Afrinvest Limited is licensed by the Nigerian SEC through its subsidiary, Afrinvest Securities Limited as a broker dealer. The company is also licensed as portfolio manager through one of its subsidiaries – Afrinvest Asset Management Limited.

Afrinvest has offices in the major cities of the countries which include Lagos, PortHarcourt and Abuja. However, their head office is located in Ikoyi, Lagos.

  1. Forthright Securities and Investments Ltd

Incorporated in 1995, Forthright is one of major stockbrockerage firms in the country. The company is led by a team of enterprising and experienced professionals and their expertise has led to their rapid growth to become one of the leading companies in stock trading and investment advisory.

The major services provided by Forthright are highlighted

  • Investment advisory
  • Fund management
  • Sotckbrokerage
  • Financial education and
  • Portfolio management
  1. Stanbic IBTC Asset Management

With an excellent track record of expertise in fund management and in depth knowledge of the global and financial markets, Stanbic IBTC Asset Management is one of the highly reputed asset management and investment companies in the country.

Also, they are known for their convenient, efficient and responsive service which comes with the extra peck of a dedicated relationship manager.

In 2013, the company solidified its position as one of the leading investment companies in the country when it was given the award of best investment management company by World Finance.

  1. Peninsula Asset Management

If you’re looking for an investment company that has been a major player for many decades, then the Peninsula Asset Management should be your default choice.

Established in 1982, the company has remained on top of their game in investment management over the years.

They are known to provide a customized portfolio which has been tailored to meet the specific investment needs of their clients.

  1. Lotus Capital Limited

Located in Ikoyi, Lagos, Lotus Capital is another reputable investment company that specializes in asset management, private wealth management and financial advisory services.

The company was founded in 2004 and has grown rapidly in the past decade to become one of the major investment platforms for individuals, businesses and organizations across the country.

Also, Lotus Capital is a pioneer in the financial niche of Islamic banking where they provide equitable interest-free solutions.

The company is registered by the Nigerian SEC as fund managers, corporate investment advisers and as an issuing housing.

Lotus Capital is a very unique company and their core values are built around professionalism, confidentiality, excellent service, dynamism and integrity.

  1. FBN Capital

FBN Capital isn’t just a leading investment and asset management company in Nigeria; they are also one of the best in Africa.

They are known by the brand name – FBN Quest which comprises FBN Capital, FBN Securities, FBN Asset Management, FBN Trustees, FBN Capital Partners and FBN Funds Limited.

The company’s culture revolves around creating deep relationships with their clients, as well as empowering them.

Their office is located in Ikoyi, Lagos however their customer base spreads across the entire country.

  1. United Capital Plc

United Capital is one of the major investment companies in the country that is currently transforming not just Nigeria but the African continent by providing innovative investment banking solutions.

Their clients include governments and corporate organizations. United Capital has a track record in executing complex transactions across the continent particularly its leadership in project finance advisory and capital markets to both corporate and government.

United Capital comprises a team of experienced professionals headed by a Group Chief Executive Officer in the person of Mrs Oluwatoyin Sanni, a veteran lawyer and stockbroker.

  1. Investment One Financial Services

Incorporated in 2008, Investment One is a leading financial service and investment company. The company is a subsidiary of GTBank and their focus is particularly on asset management and securities brokerage.

In 2013, Investment One was recognized by ALLWORLD as one of the fastest growing investment companies in the country. Some of the services that have made them unique in the investment market include:

  • Wealth Management & Trust
  • Mutual funds
  • Pensions
  • Real estate
  • Private equity
  • Investment banking
  • Securities brokerage

Overall, the goal of the company is to become the leading Non-Financial Service Group in the country as well as a one-stop investment shop for all their customers..

  1. Zenith Capital Limited

Zenith Capital is one of the top investment companies in the country. It is an affiliate of Zenith Bank which is one of the largest financial groups in Africa. Their office is located at Civic Towers, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island in Lagos


Zenith Capital is particularly known for their global best practice and exceptional service. Also, they are known to leverage the latest technology to access the relevant markets and to deliver the highest standards.


Their core business is focused on the following clients:

  • Blue chip companies
  • Private equity investors
  • Mid and Large Local Corporates
  • Government agencies
  • High net worth individuals