10 Cheap Hotels in Abuja (with Prices)

Living or doing business in Abuja is relatively expensive. This is understandable anyway, considering the status of Abuja in the Nigeria of today.

Houses are expensive, same for hotel lodging. Be that as it may, there are still some hotels in Abuja that are not so expensive. You will learn about top 10 of these affordable hotels below.

Ajoy Hotel and Suites

This is one of the cheapest hotels in Abuja. Aside being among the most affordable in Abuja, the hotel is equally unique in its design and it is located in a very clean environment. If you are looking for the perfect place for your holiday and relaxation.

The rooms are equipped with all essential facilities and it has the touch of modernity all over it. The environment is hygienic and you will love your stay in it. You will only have to pay N10,000 per night. The hotel is located at Plot 757, along 69(A) 2 crescent, Gwarinpa estate, Abuja.

Alexis Hotel

The hotel is not far away from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport; it is just 25 minutes from the airport. The rooms are world class and the amenities are adequate to give the lodger a nice night rest.

Each room goes for as low as N12,000 per night. They are located at Plot 693 Obafemi Awolowo Way Zone B4, Jabi  District Abuja. Despite its very cheap state, the hotel is also well designed and well decorated. They have royal-made curtains and beds. The private bathrooms are equally classic.

Arcade Suites

Everything about this particular hotel is modern. It is clean and highly comfortable. Aside this, it is among the most affordable in Abuja. It has fashionable touches that makes it look like home away from home.

Lots of amenities are available in the rooms, like TV, air conditioning system, telephone and toiletries in the bathroom. Each room costs N15,000 per night. The hotel is located at Plot 68, 1st Avenue, By Shehu Shagari Way, Abuja. If you are looking for a modest hotel to lodge in, this is the perfect hotel for you.

Hotel Rosebud

This is one of the best bed and breakfast lodgings in Abuja. If you are a budget traveller looking for affordable hotel to lodge in, this is the best for you. The facilities are modern and the services are available 24 hours of the day.

They have internet services, laundry services and African restaurant. Despite being affordable, the hotel is highly stylish, making it one of the best places to lodge. Each night costs N13,000. The hotel is located at 33 Port Harcourt Crescent off Gimbiya Street, Garki, Area 11, Abuja.

Koraf Hotels and Apartments

The hotel is located at the foot of Dawaki Hills in Abuja. It has inexpensive and vibrant lodging set of apartments, with great views, and friendly staff to meet the needs of all travellers. The hotel has a wide variety of rooms and the rooms are both basic and stylish, depending on the one you prefer.

All rooms and apartments are well-equipped. The features are modern and they will prove to be some of the best you have ever come across. Some of the facilities are laundry services, DSTV, free internet access, garden, restaurant and lots more. It will prove to be among the best places to stay during your holidays.

Each night costs N15,000. The hotel is located at Plot A13, Dawaki Extension 1, Off Kubwa Expressway , Opposite Gwarimpa Estate, Abuja.

Ritman Hotel

The hotel offers top value on every dime you spend. Each night would prove to be an interesting experience. The comfort is top class and you will always love to to come back for more of their top class services.

The rooms are decorated tastefully. The polishing is top class and the decoration is out of this world. Despite all these, the hotel is relatively affordable. Its cleanliness and luxuriousness are out of this world.

Each night costs, N12,000. Some of the features are 24 hours power supply, 3G internet access and free breakfast. The hotel is located at No 5, Christina Ajaiyi Okunuga Street, Road 11, Gwarinpa, Abuja.

Parkview Hotel

They are located at Plot 2390, Takoradi Street, Opposite Amusement Park, Wuse Zone 1, Abuja. Each night costs N15,000. Some of the services available are laundry services, business services, internet care, restaurant, bar, fitness center, airport drop-offs and pickup and lots more.

The rooms are furnished tastefully and it is best for modest families, honeymooners and budget travellers.

Dayspring Hotel

This undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and affordable hotels in Abuja. Its facilities are out of this world and you will get good value for every dime you spend. The rooms can be as cheap as N8,500 per night.

The hotel is located at Plot 4 Juba Street, Zone 6, Wuse District. They serve both African and continental dishes in varieties. The foods served here have home taste to make you feel at home all through your stay here.

Trafford Hotel

This is the perfect hotel for any local and foreign traveller. Families and individuals too will find this hotel welcoming and impressive in all sense of the word. The services here are efficient and stylish.

The employees are friendly and welcoming. Some of the facilities are 24-hour room service, laundry service, restaurant & bar, fitness center and lots more. Each night costs N15,000. They are located at Plot 13/14 2nd Avenue, Or Wole Soyinka St., Gwarinpa, Abuja.

The dishes are tasty and the service is professional. You will always love to come back for more.

Western Dreams Hotel

It is an hotel with touch of hospitality like none other. It is highly sophisticated and highly luxurious. It will prove to be one of the most affordable hotels you have ever come across in Abuja.

The hotel has one of the most welcoming outdoor pools. The furnishing is tasteful and you will never regret coming here. The cost per night starts from N17,000. The location  Ames the hotel even more welcoming.