Dissecting Laura Rutledge’s Sportscasting Career Growth and Her Relationship Timeline

If there is anything like a perfect marriage, that is what Laura Rutledge’s relationship with her husband is. She has on many occasions openly appreciated her husband’s support, especially in her career. Laura Rutledge is a broadcast journalist, a former Miss Florida, and a nominee in Miss America 2013; she is also an advocate against abusive relationships and an Ambassador for the Miracle League, an organization known for building baseball fields for children with disabilities.

As much as her marriage to a former professional baseball player has gained her much attention, she is admired for the accomplishments she has recorded in her career which has left many wondering how she journeyed to get where she is; here’s her story.

The Background and Education of Laura Rutledge

Laura Rutledge was born Laura Mckeeman in St Petersburg, Florida, United States of America. Her birth took place on October 2, 1988; she was born to Deborah Mckeeman and almost nothing is known about her father. It is also not on record that Laura has any brother or sister. But some reports have it that she has a missing brother. Whatever be the case, she hasn’t come out to say anything about it.

Beautiful Laura Rutledge attended Celebration High School in Celebration, Florida. During her time in high school, she participated in a lot of dancing activities. This is probably because she was preparing to make dancing a career. Although she had plans to attend a ballet school after high school, she somehow changed her mind and went to the University of Florida instead. The former beauty queen studied Journalism and majored in broadcasting.

Laura was reported to have said that her love for sports was made possible by her parents who took her to sporting events when she was still a kid. She currently works as a reporter for a handful of media organizations, mostly in sports departments. Laura Rutledge remains one of the most inconsistent persons when it has to do with choosing a career path. She initially wanted to take on animal studies in college. But eventually, she had to change that to dancing which was the major reason she wanted to study ballet. She made yet another choice and ultimately settled for broadcasting Journalism.

Chronicling the Career Journey of the Sportscaster

Her journalism career has been a robust one. Laura’s superlative display right from college days had brought her closer to fame. Given that, it is hard for anyone to imagine that she had a hard time kicking off her career. With her broadcast journalism degree which she obtained from the University of Florida, Laura Rutledge must have thought it would be easier for her to find a place in the industry.

After all, she is good-looking and popular as she was Miss Florida in 2012 and contested for Miss America. Also, she won the 2011 Red Barber Award for Excellence in Broadcasting at UF. All of these gave her high hopes which would have amounted to nothing if she didn’t stay true to her dreams and remained resolute in her quest to be a part of the competitive industry.

How she made it to Fox Broadcasting Company and became a prominent figure thereof has remained an interesting tale that illustrates how opportunity and not giving up on one’s dreams make all the difference. Laura Rutledge failed in a series of internship interviews with some of the major broadcasting companies in the US, including Fox, but remained resilient. Then through her persistence, she made a friend who helped her get a job in Fox. The job was to copy the DVDs of sports events which wasn’t her dream job.

One day, there was a conflict between one of Fox’s OAPs and the management. The conflict was so prompt that they needed someone to replace the embattled reporter urgently. That moment paved the much-needed way for Laura Rutledge. She finally made her first appearance on the screen which instantly pleased the management and they employed her to occupy the role.

Other Popular Networks She has Worked With 

Since then, Laura has worked with top news channels including ESPN, CNN, and the SEC Network. She started working as a reporter on ESPN and SEC Network in 2014 during the Southeastern Conference. Sometime in 2019, she made a multi-year pact that extended her stay with the establishments and also made her a permanent contributor to Get Up; she co-hosts the ESPN sports show with Mike Greenberg and Jalen Rose who serves as an analyst.

The years she spent with ESPN and SEC Network saw her career evolve to accommodate more responsibilities like hosting events like the ESPYs and serving as an anchor for Sportscenter. After her stint with Fox and before she joined ESPN, Laura Rutledge served CNN as an anchor for shows like Early Start and New Day. With the network, she is also known for her contributions to HLN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade.

Laura is simply a force to reckon with in broadcast journalism. The highly respected reporter is a host to a whole lot of shows which include Chargers Insider (2013), SD Live which she doubled as host and producer (2013), and Coors Light (2014).

Facts Known About Laura Rutledge’s Love Life

Among other things, Laura Rutledge is admired for having the perfect body of a model. It is said that her body measures 35-24-36 in which is perfect for her height of 5 ft. 10 in. and a bodyweight she maintains around 129 pounds. Her blond hair complements her brown pair of eyes, making the journalist a very attractive woman that many would love to have as their partner.

For someone as pretty as she is and popular, it comes as a surprise that nothing is known about her love life until she started dating Josh Alan Rutledge and subsequently got married to him.

Josh Rutledge is a former American professional baseballer. During his active years in baseball, he played for teams like the Boston Red Sox and Colorado Rockies. He had been playing baseball from his early years and won accolades in high school. It was after his feat in the state championship with Cullman High School that he got the recognition that exposed him to college baseball. At this stage, he played for the Alabama Crimson Tide baseball team. He eventually started playing in the professional league in 2012.

It was in one of his great days in baseball that he met his soulmate Laura, who was also on duty. Josh considers himself lucky, that’s why he embraced Laura Rutledge alongside her chosen career. He was born on the 29th of April 1989. This means he is a year younger than his wife, Laura. Josh Rutledge won other medals playing professional baseball. He retired in 2018 after he was released by Sacramento River Cats.


The beautiful reporter is one of the very few popular figures who can boast of successful marriages in America. Having been married since 2013, they are definitely having a great time together with their daughter Reese Katherine Rutledge. The couple welcomed Reese on the 2nd of October 2019.

She lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband Josh Rutledge, their daughter, and a cute dog.