Samantha Cerny – Family and Facts About Amanda Cerny’s Sister

There is no doubt that Samantha Cerny has thrived as a social media personality. More than being an Instagram model, she is a famous Vine star who has been replicating her successes on the platform on YouTube. She is known for the many wonderful videos that she posts on her channel and social media pages, where she blogs about all things travel, fashion, and health. Her engaging posts have earned her fame and garnered hundreds of thousands of followers and viewers who flock to her page to consume the content that she puts out.

She has landed lucrative endorsement deals and partnered with major brands, which have helped to enrich her and further accentuate her popularity. The gorgeous YouTube star is also famous for being Amanda Cerny’s older sister.

Samantha Cerny Bio

The internet sensation was born in Florida on January 5, 1990. She was raised in South Florida by her parents and enjoyed what appeared to be a very normal childhood, although her family had to move around quite a bit because of her parents’ jobs. There is no information about Samantha’s educational status and what level she attained if she did indeed go to college.

Samantha joined several social media sites and launched her career by becoming very active and regularly posting interesting photos and video which people seemed to adore. She currently has almost 300,000 thousand follow on Instagram and about 90,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. She began by uploading several pictures and videos about her way of life and they quickly gained traction. Samantha also featured her sister Amanda, the famous television personality, model, actress, and social media sensation in her videos, which helped them go even more viral.

Being a woman who dons many professional hats, Samantha is also a fitness trainer and Instagram model in addition to her blogging career. She helps upcoming and established brands sell their products by leveraging her extensive social media influence to take pictures with them and posting the images on her page.

Her Family

Samantha was born to Amy Lee and Russ Cerny. Her mother was a businesswoman, who had a background in sports. She practiced martial arts and exercised frequently. After she separated from Samantha’s father, she married a man called Jason Paul Reed, and she owns a company with him. She lives in Stuart, Florida with her new hubby, and maintains a very close relationship with her children.

The father of the social media sensation does not appear to be Samantha’s favorite parent, and she is rarely ever photographed with him, nor does she talk about him on the many platforms she socializes with. Russ Cerny earned a degree in business administration and he works in a company called Change Healthcare, focused on using technology to disrupt and innovate the healthcare industry. Like his ex-wife, Russ has also remarried. His new wife is named Zemira Cerny.

Samantha has two sisters. The older one, Nicole was born on March 14, 1988. She is married to Matthew Michael Maslak and they have two beautiful children – a boy and a girl. Her younger sister is the famous playboy model, actress, and internet star Amanda Cyner, born on June 26, 1991.

Amanda attended Florida State University where she studied international affairs. However, she dropped out in her junior year after her dreams of modeling were realized. Thanks to the pictures she constantly sent to Playboy Magazine editors, she was invited to the Playboy mansion for a test shoot, leading to her becoming the Playboy Playmate for October 2011. This began her meteoric rise to fame and stardom. She has built a massive brand for herself as a social media celebrity with millions of followers. She is actively involved in charity work, and she has a number of thriving businesses which includes her own line of merchandise and supplements. Amanda also has a side career as an actress and she starred in the television comedy Hello Ladies.

Other Things To Knoe About Amanda Cerny’s Sister

1. Samantha Cerny is in a happy relationship and became engaged to her boyfriend in January 2017, although she is yet to reveal the identity of the man who won her heart.

2. The Youtube star and blogger is a skilled singer and keyboard player.

3. She has a deep love of sports and enjoys cycling, cross-country running, horseback riding, bowling, kickboxing, roller skating, swimming, and rock climbing.

4. Samantha Cerny is a certified martial artist, hula hoops and martial arts weapons expert.

5. This Cerny sister is estimated to have a net worth around $1 million.