400 Mawozo Gang Wikipedia: Haiti Kidnapping Case – Are The Members Identified & Arrested?


Are the 400 Mawozo Gang members identified and arrested? To know everything about the gang behind the kidnappings in Haiti, keep reading.

400 Mawozo Gang is a notorious gang suspected of kidnapping American and Canadian missionaries and their families.

Apart from that kidnapping, the gang also holds the blame for kidnapping five priests and two nuns. With the recent kidnapping incidents, Haiti tops the list of countries with the highest kidnapping rate per capita on earth.

400 Mawozo Gang Wikipedia

Although Wikipedia doesn’t officially mention the 400 Mawozo Gang, we know few things about them.

The name of the gang kind of translates to 400 inexperienced men. They control the Croix-des-Bouquets area including, Ganthier. And according to authorities, they carry out kidnappings, carjackings, and extortion.

400 Mawozo Gang’s most noted crimes include the kidnapping of the missionaries, priests, and nuns. They introduced mass kidnapping in Haiti as per the law enforcement. Police also accuse the gang of sculptor Anderson Belony’s murder.

They have been in armed wars against rival gangs and kidnapped people of all ranks including, entrepreneurs and police officers. Furthermore, there have been reports of them recruiting children and raping women.

On 7 September 2021, The Haitian Times reported that the Haitian National Police carried out an operation, resulting in the death of 10 members of the 400 Mawozo Gang.

400 Mawozo Gang Haiti Kidnapping Case Details

400 Mawozo Gang have carried out some notorious kidnappings.

The most famous one is the abduction of 17 missionaries, 16 American and 1 Canadian. As per Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries, the missionaries got kidnapped while they were on their way home from building an orphanage.

After the kidnapping, 400 Mawozo Gang demanded ransoms as much as couple million dollars. The gang had also kidnapped two nuns, five priests, and three relatives of a priest in April 2021. But they released them later that month, but it remains unknown whether the reported ransom of $1 million got paid or not.

Reports suggest that the kidnapping incidents since January have preceded 600.

Are 400 Mawozo Gang Members Identified & Arrested?

As of late, the identities of the 400 Mawozo Gang members remain a mystery.

However, The Haitian Times did mention the death of 10 gang members back in September 2021. Besides that, nothing significant has surfaced online.

It seems it will take some time to identify the 400 Mawozo Gang members and arrest them. Nonetheless, the investigation is ongoing, and the police are doing their best.