50 Cent Discusses His ‘El Chapo’ Podcast and How His ‘Audience Is Changing’

50 Penny might have ruled hip jump with seven No. 1 singles during the 2000s, yet these days he is hoping to climb the outlines of an alternate kind — with his digital recording.

The “In Da Club” rapper as of late addressed Individuals about his developing interest in obvious wrongdoing and his most recent venture, his Enduring El Chapo web recording.

“I like genuine wrongdoing, period, the whole sort,” says 50 Penny (born Curtis Jackson).

“On the off chance that you don’t peruse the news, in the event that you’re not in the recent developments, [then you should]. Indeed I do.”

Lately, Jackson, 47, has placed making new music as a second thought while growing his profile as an entertainer and maker.

Jackson made progress following up on the Starz series Power from 2014 until 2020 and plays a part in The Expendables 4 one year from now.

As a TV maker, he brought the wrongdoing show Dark Mafia Family to life and saw his Hip Bounce Murders series debut on AMC recently.

In any case, his new digital broadcast — about El Chapo and the Chicago twins who cut him down — is his most recent enthusiasm. The series centers around twins Pedro and Margarito Flores, who experienced childhood in the medication business and proceeded to become two of the most remarkable dealers in Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera’s order. To keep away from broad prison time, the twins flipped on Guzman in 2008. Their declaration and furtively taped discussions with El Chapo assisted specialists with hammering a lifelong incarceration on the cartel boss.

The twins actually got 15 years in jail, as per The Chicago Sun-Times, which was viewed as an extremely tolerant sentence for sneaking about 71 tons of cocaine and heroin into the country.

The twins are presently purportedly on directed discharge from jail, yet not without risk: An appointed authority cautioned the brothers to be keeping watch for Guzman’s hired gunmen.

Both Jackson and co-have Charlie Webster let Individuals know that Enduring El Chapo makers went through many-sided moves toward get the brothers in similar space for interviews, facilitating their discussions in a watchful “safe house” with security posted outside.

As per Webster, “We addressed them independently, yet to get them in this house, we thought it was so vital to truly show who they are by them being together.”

All through eight episodes, the Flores twins — helped along by portrayal and inquiries from both Jackson and Webster — recount their story, from how they were brought up in the medication business by relatives to becoming two of the biggest opiates sellers in the US and later associating with El Chapo.

Jackson conveys individual tales about his own set of experiences managing medications, and even uncovers that at one point he met the Flores twins in Chicago’s Cabrini-Green lodging project when he was an exceptional star and before they engaged with worldwide medication dealing.

Says Webster: “We likewise needed to tell the truth of what such countless small children get raised in and how it can end up.” Genuine wrongdoing narrating, Jackson says, is working up novel thoughts for the rapper-turned-podcaster. “This is the perfect initial one for myself and Charlie,” he promises. “You will see more.”

Jackson concedes he has no plans right now for a subsequent collection to his 2014 Creature Desire however says he’s dealing with “new music thoughts” for tunes in TV and film.

These days, Jackson finds his emphasis more on making new television series and digital broadcasts.

“Well, I truly partake in the music,” Jackson says, “However the audience is evolving. My main fans was in school in 2003.

They’re developed now and they might have the beverage that you would have in the club in the protection of their home at this point. They are my TV viewership now. That is who’s watching.”