A Lifeguards Obsession Lifetime Cast Amanda Jones and Review

A Lifeguards Obsession Lifetime cast are Amanda Jones and Christian Howard in the lead. The movie premiered on March 10, 2023.

It follows Maggie and her boyfriend, whose lives change after she meets a lifeguard Blake who is obsessed with her after saving her life.

The thrilling movie is based on a true story written by Richard Pierce and James Alan Ross.

Meet The Cast Of A Lifeguards Obsession

A Lifeguards Obsession Lifetime cast includes Amanda Jones and Christian Howard. Noah Fearnley and Nomani Baker are the supporting cast.

Amanda Jones As Maggie Temple

Jones played the role of Maggie Temple, a surfer, artist, and bartender. Her character loved surfing as the sea was the only place she felt alive.

However, due to her knee injury, she could not surf and started making seashell collage paintings as her doctor suggested she be involved in creativity.

She was not much of an artist but wanted to stay connected to the ocean. While she tried surfing, she drowned in the sea, and the lifeguard Blake protected her.

Maggie was dating the influencer Cade who was more involved in social media than his professional work.

Fort Lauderdale-born actress started acting after making her debut on the stage. She recently played in My Diary of Lies as Madison.

Her upcoming movies are Alaksa and Deathboy.

Christian Howard As Blake Hopkins

Howard starred as Blake Hopkins, a lifeguard stationed in Tower number three.

After Maggie’s surfing, he falls for her immediately and saves her from drowning.

Afterward, he started following her and learned more about her. He even brings a gift to speed up her rehab from an injury and offers infrared heat and a knee massager.

While in Florida, he jacked his knee and jumped off the tower. He started connecting with Maggie and even helped her to achieve her first exhibit.

Besides acting, he is a writer who worked in Immortal 65, Mark of the Wolves, and more.

Noah Fearnley As Cade

Fearnley portrayed the role of Cade, a social media influencer and a lifeguard.

He is Maggie’s boyfriend, who had a one-time thing with Tina months ago. However, Tina is still obsessed with him.

Maggie and Cade have some differences because of their profession.

Cade loved hanging with his followers on social media as he gained three times higher than he got as a lifeguard.

Also, he was the one who helped her out with paying rent. After Blake appeared, they started facing differences in their relationship and life.

The actor is known for his appearance in Dognapped: Hound for the Holidays, Mother’s Deadly Son, and The Wrong Cheer Captain.

Other Supporting Cast Members

  • Steven Olson As AJ
  • Christina Gray As Sam
  • Naomi Baker as Tina
  • Craig Geoghan as Tyson
  • Jennifer Castillo as Alicia

A Lifeguards Obsession and Plot Synopsis

The movie centers on Maggie, a bartender whose life changed after she met the lifeguard, Blake.

The story first reveals the complicated relationship between swimmer Alicia and lifeguard Tyson.

She was previously in a relationship with her coach, who was controlling and obsessive as a coach and boyfriend. While they were kissing, someone surrounded the boat and killed Tyson.

Afterward, the movie moves to California and features Maggie and her work in the bar. She asked her customer to be careful of water as they serve satanic surfers’ strongest drinks.

AJ joins Maggie, and they talk about their work. He supports her and thinks her artwork would be well-known in their area.

However, she thinks she is not a real artist. When her boss asks if she has a plan for lunch with a super famous influencer boyfriend, she replies she has other plans.

She goes on a surfboard in the sea. Meanwhile, the movie shares a glimpse of lifeguard Blake who falls for her after looking at her a first sight.

While observing Maggie surfing, she loses her balance due to her knee problem and drowns in the sea. Meanwhile, the lifeguard saves her and carries her to the beach.

Maggie’s boyfriend, Cade, is angry with her as the doctor suggested she not surf until she recovered from the knee injury.

The couple starts fighting about Cade’s career choice. She advises him to continue his work instead of involving in mobile. He says he earned three times higher than he got as a lifeguard.

Blake cpmes to the room and introduces himself as a new lifeguard who joined there a couple of weeks. Maggie thanks him for saving her and asks Cade to give them a moment.

While Maggie decides to take a break from Cade, Blake begins to show concern and even helps her throw her first exhibit.

But this obsession takes life-threatening news for Maggie, Cade, and Tina.

Fans Reviews And Ratings

The movie has released on March 10, 2023. It gained average feedback from critics and audiences.

However, fans loved her performance of Amanda as they thought she killed it with her character in the movie.

They praised all the cast’s acts as they were phenomenal and loved every single second of it.

It received 4.4 out of 10 on IMDb based on 25 reviews.

You can watch the movie on Lifetime, Philo, and Roku Channel.