A Look Into Ludwig Ahgren’s Net Worth As The YouTuber Plays $1 Million Poker Game On Live

YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren with a net worth of over $6 million is currently playing a $1 million Poker game live on his channel.

Ludwig Ahgren is an American YouTuber, live streamer, podcaster, and esports announcer.

He also often competes in different esports competitions and his work has given him enough opportunities to establish a successful career.

With millions of followers across various media platforms, there is no doubt that Ludwig is a massive internet personality.

From time to time, he comes up with interesting topics that grab the attention of his viewers.

As of now, he is currently playing a $1 million poker game live on his YouTube channel which has made many people curious about his net worth.

What Is Ludwig Ahgren Net Worth In 2022? Wealth Explored As He Plays $1 Million Poker Game

Ludwig Ahgren has a net worth value of $6.42 million in 2022 as reported by Sportskeeda.

On the other hand, Stramerfacts mentions the personality to boast an incredible $15 million net worth value.

Talking further about his wealth, the majority of his earnings come from Twitch streams and other YouTube videos.

Besides his regular work, his involvements in the esports world and other sponsored deals also promote his fortune to a certain aspect.

Thus, there is no doubt that Ahlgren is a multi-millionaire capable of conducting various lucrative events.

Who Is Ludwig Ahgren Girlfriend?

Ludwig Ahgren is currently together with his girlfriend, a fellow streamer QTCinderella.

Ludwig and QTCinderella, whose real name is Blaire, are dating each other for around two years after the streamers first met around in 2020.

After a few fun videos of togetherness, it was the American YouTuber Ahgren who confirmed their relationship through a tweet.

He mentioned officially being together with the lady as reported by Looper.

The couple is thought to be with each other since then.

Ludwig Ahgren Family Details

Ludwig Ahgren has a mother and a sister in his family.

He lost his father when he was only 10 years old. Since then, the three members have stood up and supported each other.

The YouTuber has moved out of the house and is living separately but the family is still closely bonded.