What Is The Age Of Paris Turner From Abbott Elementary?

Paris Turner looks to be about ten years old. She was cast for the role of Shahrzad in November of 2021. 

She is from Louisiana. She and her sister have a page called Paris & Peyton, managed by their mother. 

When she is not filming, she loves to play with her puppy Blu in her backyard. She enjoys bike rides through the park. Moreover, she loves to play with dolls, paint, shop, and read the latest “Captian Underpants” book.

As she is an upcoming child actress, details on her are hard to find. 

Paris Turner Wikipedia Details

Paris Turner is known in the entertainment industry as an incredibly talented performer. 

She is not only an actress but also an entertainer and a songwriter. 

Paris loves to be in front of the camera. She always has. With her sister Peyton, they created their own YouTube channel at the early age of 5 to showcase their life as Paris and Peyton.  

Though she has been in front of the camera for most of her life, she only landed her first significant role in “Sin The Movie” in August 2021. When she showed up to support Peyton, who had gotten the leading role, Abeni Nazeer, the director, created a spot for Paris by creating another character. 

She is certainly not new to the big screens. She can be seen on “Deep Water,” “Yellowstone,” and more. Talking about her songwriting, she released her first single titled “Self Love” after being inspired by her favorite poem, “Hey Black Child,” written by Langston Hughes. It is available on YouTube. 

Insights On Paris Turner Parents And Nationality

The details on Paris Turner’s parents have not turned up on the internet. However, her mom indeed manages all her social media pages under one account to share the progress of the two sisters, Peyton and Paris Turner. 

She is on Instagram as @paris.peyton.turner.

Her nationality is a little unclear as the information is not public. She looks to be African American though it is not sure. On one of the posts, her mother has used the hashtags #irishtwins. The reason behind the hashtag is not entirely apparent.