Akram Afif Father Hassan Afif Is A Somali Football Manager And A Former Footballer

Adham Akram father, Hassan Afif, is a Somali football manager and former player who was born in Tanzania.

Hassan Afif, a member of the Yafa tribe who played football in his youth and is currently a manager, previously served as the head coach of Al Gharafa from 1986 to 1987 and Al Markhiya from 2001 to 2003 and again from 2006 to 2007.

He also had a brother named Ali Afif, who plays left back for the Qatari national team. Both of his brothers are ardent football fans.

Moreover, his father, who is Tanzanian and of Yemeni descent, and his mother, who is also from Yemen, lived close to Doha to support the family’s requirements.

Akram Afif Father: Hassan Afif

Akram Afif father Hassan Afif, is a former member of the Somalia national football team and a professional football player.

Hassan, who was born in Moshi, Tanzania, to a family of six siblings and a Yemeni wife named Fayza, has a very contented life in Doha.

His two sons, Akran and Ali, both play football for the Qatar national team and have had a passion for the game ever since their father, who was also a football player in his day, coached them as young children.

The fervor and determination he witnessed as his father, Hassan Afif, and older brother, Ali Afif, competed on the football pitch influenced Akran’s taste and passion for the sport.

5 Facts About Akram Afif Father

1. Hassan Afif Is A Former Football Player For Simba

Hassan Afif has performed for Horseed in Somalia and Simba in Tanzania in the past.

When he used to play for that team, he was an excellent midfielder who made a big difference in the games by passing the ball long to the forwards and clearing the ball with ease.

Akram obtained those abilities from his father as well and applies the same strategy in his games.

2. Hassan Afif Relocated To Qatar

During his time playing football for Qatar’s local football team, Hassan Afif naturalized as a Qatari citizen.

He began competing with Al Ittihad, where he used his abilities and game to make the team extremely well-organized.

He managed Al Gharafa from 1986 to 1987 when he stopped playing, as well as Al Markhiya from 2001 to 2003 and 2006 to 2007.

3. Akram Afif Father Had Six Siblings

Adham Akram Father was born in Moshi, Tanzania, and has six siblings.

Due to the size of their family and the hardships they had as children, it was extremely difficult for his family to make ends meet.

Hassan had many jobs during his adolescent years while also practicing football to meet his needs. After becoming financially secure, he decided to make football his career.

4. Hassan Coached His Son Fundamental Of Football

Hasan Afif coached his two sons on the fundamental of football in their early days.

Both of his sons, Akram and Ali Afif, who play football and have represented Qatar at the international level, give Hasan credit for his influence in their lives.

5. Haasan Is Married To His Wife Fayza

Haasan is married to his wife Fayza who is a Yemen citizen.

Hassan and Fayza have mixed nationalities due to which they celebrate both Tanzanian and Yemen occasions.

They both have two sons Akram And Ali who lives with their family and supports their family through their football career.