Aliko Dangote’s Children’s Names

Aliko Dangote had been married a number of times. He was actually married twice, but this does not make him a polygamous person; he divorced his first wife before marrying the second one. He equally divorced his second wife after some years together.

Presently, Aliko Dangote is a bachelor; he does not have any wife as at present. He had a brief romance with Sylvia Nduka, who was once the most beautiful girl in Nigeria.  However, the romance ended on a rather sore note; Aliko Dangote was said to have divorced her based on allegation that she revealed some secrets.

Aliko Dangote has up to three daughters. All of them are grown ladies and they are well educated.  One thing about his daughters is that they are not exposed to the media like one would expect the children of a billionaire to be.

They are beautiful, but they seem to love their privacy with passion. They do socialize, but they do not get too exposed to the media.  Consequently, very little is known about Dangote’s daughters.

Aliko Dangote’s Son

Aside his three daughters, Dangote also has a son. The said son is however an adopted child and he does not bear Dangote’s name.  Name of the adopted son is Abdulrahman Fasasi.

Aliko Dangote’s Daughters