Andrew Cuomo Lawyer Rita Glavin – Everything You Need To Know

Rita Glavin is a famous attorney who still awaits a Wikipedia presence. Check out the bio of Andrew Cuomo lawyer.

Glavin serves as a Criminal Defense lawyer. She worked as a prosecutor for Barack Obama and George Bush.

Attorney: Rita Glavin Wikipedia Bio Explored

Attorney Rita Glavin is yet to be on the encyclopedia of the internet. Nonetheless, her bio is covered by several portals on the internet.

Glavin’s Linkedin profile reveals she is a partner at Seward & Kissel LLP as of now. Also, she serves as a co-head of Government Enforcement and Internal Investigations there.

In addition, Rita is the principal at her own Glavin PLLC based in New York. She has been in the position for just six months now.

Glavin serves for Andrew Cuomo as his private lawyer at the moment. Cuomo is the New York Governor who has been accused of sexual misconduct.

Rita has been working hard to defend her client Andrew as of now. CNN reports her firing back against the allegation he faces.

Besides, the lawyer has experience of serving as an Assistant US Attorney at SDNY in New York. She was there for over seven years.

Prior to that, she was in her trial phase at the US Department of Justice. She worked for the Crime Division for around five years.

How Old Is Lawyer Rita Glavin? Age Revealed

Rita Glavin’s age is 49 years. The dynamic law practitioner was born in 1972.

Actually, Glavin was born in a family associated with law practice. Her parents Rita Chandelier and James H. Glavin III both are worked in the field of justice.

Rita accomplished hear manga cum laude graduation from Middlebury College. Also, she attended Fordham University School of Law graduating with honors.

In fact, Glavin had commenced her judiciary career as a Judicial Law Clerk in 1998. She served for Hon. John F. Keenan at US District Court in Southern District of NY.

Rita Glavin Husband and Wedding – Is She Married?

Rita Glavin has a husband named Matthew Steven Amatruda. Glavin had her wedding on June 19, 2004.

It means Glavin and her spouse have been married for over 17 years now. But it is not clear if Rita has any children in her family.

They tied their knots in St. Mary of the Assumption Roman Catholic Church in Waterford, NY. It was more of a private ceremony with limited guests.

Actually, Matthew is also a prosecutor. He has served as an assistant at Manhattan District Court.

Know Rita Glavin Net Worth In Numbers

Rita Glavin may have a hefty net worth. But the precise figure is still under the radars.

Glavin is a reputed personality in law practice. Rita must be receiving a salary of well over the average of $122 thousand per year.