Andrew Gallucci Charged With Sexual Assault

Andrew Gallucci, along with Richard Gathy and Ronald Hondo, was charged with sexual assault on April 8. They were taken to the Monmouth County Correctional Institution.

According to the cops, the trio took turns assaulting the victim two at a time in a ‘coordinated and predatory attack’. The trio met the victim at a bar in Manalapan Township. They were successful in luring her along with her male friend to Gallucci’s home in Marlboro.

One of the suspects slipped something into the male friend’s drink which caused him to be ill. Gallucci and Gathy then proceeded to tie up the woman.

Two raped her while the third served as a lookout. At some point, the woman fled the room and left the house after finding her friend.

The pair called for a ride and sought medical treatment for the female victim at a local hospital. All three men were arrested on April 8 and taken to Monmouth County jail. They are currently awaiting detention hearings in the county’s Superior Court.

Each man faces up to 35 years in prison for the alleged crime. If they are found guilty, they will be subject to lifelong parole and will have to register as sex offenders. 

Andrew Gallucci Lawer Yan Katsnelson – Is Mario Gallucci Family?

Yan Katsnelson is Andrew Gallucci’s attorney based in Staten Island. 

Mario Gallucci, a Staten Island-based attorney representing Gathy and Hondo, told the New Jersey Advance that the prosecutors’ version of events was incorrect.

Gallucci stated that they are conducting their own investigation as they believe the statement made by the victim is opposed to the actual events that occurred.

Andrew Gallucci has a relative named Mario Gallucci who owns property in both New Jersey and Staten Island. However, Yan Katsnelson declined to comment to N.J. Advance on whether his client is related to Mario Gallucci. 

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