Angela Lansbury Net Worth at Death

Angela Lansbury had an estimated net worth of  $70 million at the time of her death.

Angela Lansbury was an Irish-British and American actress and singer who played in many films, theatre, and television roles.

Lansbury was born to an upper-middle-class family in central London, the daughter of Irish actress Moyna Macgill and English politician Edgar Lansbury.

When Lansbury was nine, her father died from stomach cancer; she retreated into playing characters as a coping mechanism.

Facing financial difficulty, her mother became engaged to a Scottish colonel, Leckie Forbes, and moved into his house in Hampstead, with Lansbury receiving an education at South Hampstead High School from 1934 until 1939.

On September 27, 1945, Lansbury married Richard Cromwell, an artist, and decorator whose acting career had come to a standstill.

Their marriage was troubled; Cromwell was gay and had married Lansbury in the unsuccessful hope that doing so would turn him heterosexual.

Lansbury starred in the film Nanny McPhee (2005) as Aunt Adelaide, later informing an interviewer that working on Nanny McPhee “pulled me out of the abyss” after the loss of her husband. She then appeared in the film Mr. Popper’s Penguins (2011), opposite Jim Carrey.

Lansbury died at 1:30 am PDT on 11 October 2022, at her home in Los Angeles. Her children issued a statement saying that Lansbury had died “peacefully in her sleep.