Are Olivia Dunne And Joe Burrow Dating? Facts On Her Boyfriend And Love Life

As Olivia Dunne becomes a millionaire at the age of 18 thanks to some lucrative sponsorship deals, her love life and relationship facts have captured the attention of many of her followers.

Similarly, she has been linked with renowned football quarterback Joe Burrow after posting a photo of the two of them at Nobu Malibu.

Basically, she gained fame as a well-known personality on TikTok, where she often shared with her five million fans details of her opulent lifestyle.

Olivia Dunne, now 20 and originally from New Jersey, began gymnastics at the age of three and rapidly developed a passion for the sport. She now ranks among the highest earners in collegiate sports, bringing in over $1 million from her hefty sponsorship arrangements.

Some Quick Facts

Name Olivia Dunne
Age 20 (born on October 2, 2002)
Residence New Jersey
Parents David and Katherine Dunne
Siblings Julz Dunne
Profession Gymnast
College Louisiana State University
Net Worth $1 million

Are Olivia Dunne And Joe Burrow Dating?

Olivia Dunne and Joe Burrow are not dating. Football quarterback Joe is dating Olivia Holzmacher, who shares the same name as Olympic gymnast Olivia Dunne.

Due to the similarity of the names, i.e., Olivia, internet users may have been misled, which may have led to the proliferation of rumors about Joe and Dunne dating.

Well, Olivia Holzmacher and Joe Burrow met while attending Ohio State University and were dating long before the quarterback led the Cincinnati Bengals to the Super Bowl.

After beginning their relationship in August 2017, Holzmacher and Burrow didn’t take long to make their relationship public via Instagram.

At Ohio State University, where they were both students at the time, Holzmacher shared a picture of herself and Burrow kissing on the football field.

Who Is Olivia Dunne Boyfriend?

As of this writing, Dunne is supposedly single and doesn’t have a boyfriend. But numerous websites have connected her name with several fellow gymnasts without concrete evidence to support these claims.

Likewise, many of Dunne’s followers questioned if she and Michael Jaroh were dating. Michael is a member of Penn State’s men’s gymnastics team with whom she had shared a photo of the two at Monmouth Beach, New Jersey, in September 2018.

However, it does not seem accurate since Jaroh is in a relationship with Sydney Smith, a gymnast at SCSU.

Ten Quick Facts About Gymnast Olivia Dunne

  1. Olivia Dunne is a 20-year-old gymnast originally from New Jersey.
  2. At the age of three, she began participating in gymnastics, and in 2017, she eventually joined the US Nationals Team.
  3. Dunne left professional gymnastics in 2020 to compete at the collegiate level, joining Louisiana State University.
  4. Her parents, David, and Katherine Dunne, frequently attend competitions with her and are a great source of encouragement.
  5. Her sister, Julz, is also an athlete who plays softball.
  6. She qualified for regionals by the time she was nine years old, and at the age of ten, she finished second place at the US Challenge.
  7. Olivia won both the Bresteyn’s Elite Qualifier and the KPAC Elite Qualifier in 2016.
  8. In 2018, she participated in the National Championships after being selected for the USA National Team, where she finished 18th all-around.
  9. Since then, she has obtained sponsorships from the app Nate as well as apparel retailers like American Eagle and Forever 21.
  10. On TikTok, Dunne is popular for her dance and lip-sync videos.