Bam Margera – Bio, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Where Is He Now?

Renowned as a pro skater, Bam Margera has achieved fame by working in a plethora of careers ranging from skateboarding to acting. He has done some works as a scriptwriter and director for which he has gained recognition and they include Haggard: The Movie and its spin-off, Minghags: The Movie. Since he was cast in the main role in the TV series, Jackass that aired on MTV, Margera has attained huge career success in acting and has moved on to feature in other series and movies such as Grind and Viva La Bam.

He has also plied his trade in music, having released several songs with various bands and also serving as a record producer as well as a music director. It’s no doubt that the pro skater has done well for himself in various works of life, but despite his enormous success, Bam Margera has been struggling with alcohol addiction which has caused some dents to his thriving career as he has had to end his professional skateboarding career. To learn more information about the music artist, keep reading.

Bam Margera’s Biography (Age)

On the 28th of September 1979, the skilled filmmaker and former pro skater was born to Phil and April Margera as Brandon Cole Margera in West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States. His father is a television figure who has showcased his acting talent in a few series such as CKY videos and the Jackass franchise.

His mother, on the other hand, is a reality TV figure who was also featured in Jackass and Minghags: The Movie. She is equally a culinarian and has written a cookbook titled April Cooks: There’s An Alligator in My Kitchen. He has a brother named Jess Margera who is a music artist and a co-founder of a heavy metal band called CKY.

Bam Margera enrolled at West Chester East high school but didn’t graduate from the school, having quit his studies, citing the expulsion of his friend, Chris Raab as the reason behind his decision, stating that he remained in school because of him. He kickstarted his career by making videos of him skateboarding and performing stunts with his friends. He turned these videos into a video series known as CKY, a name his older brother also adopted as the name of his musical group.

As a result of the success of the video series, Margera was contacted by Jeff Tremaine who added him to the cast of the American reality comedy series, Jackass, that originally aired for three seasons on MTV between October 1, 2000, and February 2, 2002. Since then, he has featured in movies like The Fantastic Whores 4 and Nitro Circus. He equally created his own reality TV series titled Viva La Bam that starred him alongside his family and friends.

Coming to his career as a pro skater, Bam Margera started skateboarding in the late 1990s and during that time, he gained sponsorship from Machine Skateboard. He was later associated with other brands like Electric Sunglasses, Landspeed Wheels, and others. From 2001 to 2016, Margera was a fellow of Team Element. Later in 2017, he ended his pro skating career due to lack of sponsorships.

In addition, he performed as a keyboardist with his musical crew known as Fuckface Unstoppable as well as other musical groups such as Gnarkill and also went on to establish a record label, Filthy Note Records. At the moment, Margera is working on releasing an autobiographical documentary film which he initially titled, I Need Time To Stay Useless but later changed to Earth Rocker, a project he announced of in 2015 and is still pending till date.

What’s Bam Margera’s Net Worth?

Having plied his trade in several career fields, Bam Margera is living a luxury lifestyle thanks to his thriving endeavors. As a result, his financial value is estimated at a whopping sum of $50 million.

His Family – Wife

The television personality first popped the question to his long-term girlfriend, Jenn Rivell but eventually settled down with Melissa Rothstein in 2007. As a result of his excessive and compulsive use of alcoholic drinks and infidelity, the marriage couldn’t last long and the pair signed the divorce papers in the year 2012.

In the following year, Bam Margera got married for the second time as he exchanged vows with Nicole Boyd on 5th October 2013 during a rock n’ roll concert in Reykjavik, Iceland. Then on 23rd December 2017, the couple welcomed a son named Phoenix Wolf.

His wife, Nicole, works as a photographer for Margera’s music band and has previously worked as a graphic artist and designer. According to several sources, she has also had a stint in acting, having appeared in the TV drama series, Togetherness.

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Where Is Bam Margera Now?

Following his addiction to alcohol, Bam Margera has been involved in series of controversial issues and has been apprehended on several occasions for driving under the influence which is the suspected cause of death of his close friend, Ryan Dunn. As such he has been frequenting the rehab without completion of his programs. Margera went to rehab again in January 2019 but only stayed for ten days. Two months later, he acted uncontrollably, by threatening his manager and insulting his wife on a social media post. Thereafter, he was taken to a mental health treatment facility where he stayed for a week and returned to his home.