Becky Boston Age: Facts About Pat Cummins Wife And Son Albie

Becky Boston, 31-year-old, is the newly wedded wife of the Australian Test Cricket captain Pat Cummins.

But before their recent marriage, the couple had been together for many years, and their August 1 wedding was undoubtedly a big gift to their fans.

As the lovely lady of the Australian cricket pride, Becky is accustomed to her celeb-like treatment from the public. Meanwhile, a part of some cricket fans is still unaware of Becky’s identity before her fame.

Now known as Mrs. Cummins, Boston is one of the most famous and most talked about cricket wives and girlfriends in the country.

Moreover, her name becomes a colossal highlight every time her husband is on the news. This celebrity wife lives her life as a public figure due to her husband’s iconic contributions to Australian cricket.

Now, as a celebrity herself, Becky has accumulated a fan following of her own and enjoys thousands of cricket fans who are keen on knowing Pat’s family matters through her social media handles.

Becky Boston Age- How Old Is Pat Cummins Wife?

The beautiful wife of Pat Cummins, Becky Boston, is a young lady whose age is 31 years old.

She was born in 1990 and celebrates her birthday on November 16. She celebrated her 30th birthday with a big bash with her girlfriends at InterContinental Sydney Double Bay in 2020.

Pats fans could not notice, but her happiness and her turning symbolized the special meaning of the number “30” in her cricketer boyfriend’s life.

The cricketer is best known for wearing a jersey of number 30 for most years of his cricket career.

Despite her growing age, Pat’s fans have noticed Becky’s knack for fashion and style that has overlooked her as a woman in her 30s.

She is often lauded for her comfortable fashion choice and high-end life as a celebrity wife.

By the time she turned 30, Becky had already been a fiancee to her long-time boyfriend. This August, the couple tied their wedding knot and are as happy as the year passes by.

Likewise, Becky is only a few months away from turning 32. On the other hand, Pat is three years younger than her since he was born on May 8, 1993, making him 29 in 2022.

Meanwhile, their age gap has been less noticed since it has not been a problem in the two’s relationship.

Becky maintains a close bond with other cricket and athlete wives and girlfriends as a long-time partner of the cricketer. She attends various events and get-togethers with them and talks about business and charity works with them.

On the other hand, Mrs. Cummins is a career woman turned into a dedicated mother. She may soon return to her work field after bringing up Albie and be an inspiring mother like her own mother.

Pat Cummins And His Wife Becky Boston Share A Son Albie In Their Small Family

Pat and Becky were the happiest people in the world when their son and the whole family were present at their wedding.

The two gave birth to their only son Albie Boston Cummins was born on October 8, 2021, after eight months of their engagement.

Since then, Albir has been the most important part of the couple’s life, while Becky’s Instagram is only dedicated to Albie’s pictures since birth.

Becky is now a dedicated mother more than anything else, as she thoroughly enjoys motherhood. Through her Instagram post, Mrs. Cummins revealed that she and Pat both felt lucky to have their son attend their wedding.

Albie is enjoying a happy ad content upbringing under his mother’s care and father’s financial earnings.

Regarding their families, the Cummins couple’s wedding guest list mainly included their close friends and families, while Pat’s cricket acquaintance filled the venue.

Pat hails from a big family from Mount Riverview in the Blue Mountains, where he grew up with his two brothers and two sisters.

Meanwhile, Becky hails from an affluent family which consists of her father, Richard, and mother, Janie. The Boston family looks after the Boston Property Group based in Harrogate, U.K.

Thus, she hails from a loving family background where her parents and siblings are connected to each other.

Every Boston family member attended the wedding while father Richard walked Becky down the aisle. He even posted a picture of the moment and captioned it, “Handing over my daughter.”

Meanwhile, Becky usually posts pictures of her time with her mother, Janie. Janie is active on Instagram under the username @janiebtraining.

Since the birth of Albie, the Boston family members have been regularly visiting their grandson and uploading pictures of him.

Facts About Pat Cummins Wife Becky Boston

While one might feel that the cricket world is aware of Becky, aka Mrs. Cummins’s life, the following facts are some of the lesser known facts about her life before her fame as a cricket wife.

After all, she had her own life before dedicating it to her marriage and a toddler son.

  1. Becky Boston’s full name is Rebecca Boston, while Becky is her nickname. She usually prefers being called Becky while using her full name for official purposes.
  2. She is a Brit woman, having been born, raised, and lived in Britain for most of her life.
  3. Rebecca is an A-Levels graduate of Barnard Castle School, located in County Durham, in the North East of England.
  4. She attended the University of Manchester for her Bachelor’s Degree in English from 2009 to 2013 and graduated with a final Grade Point Average of 2.1.
  5. Becky’s initial career started at Acceleris as an intern in 2012 and as a receptionist at Kirby’s Solicitors in 2013 for a short time.
  6. Mrs. Cummins’ career’s biggest highlight was during her time as a Finance Administrator at Her Majesty’s Crown Prosecution Service in Wealstun Prison from April to October 2013.
  7. The cricket wife has been an account executive at We Are Vast, Leeds, since 2014. She is based in Sydney and looks after her position time and again.
  8. Pat and Becky became an official part of Unicef Australia in December 2021, hoping to help children. The initiative came after the birth of their son, Albie.
  9. Becky is quite a traveler and has been around the U.K., Australia, Morocco, France, and South Africa, among many countries in her lifetime. She was on a volunteering mission to children’s orphanages, schools, and organizations in and around Marrakech, Morocco.
  10. Rebecca, aka Becky, is quite a wine drinker, as seen on her Instagram posts where she enjoys red wines and champagnes.

Some FAQs

How Old Is Becky Boston?

Pat Cummins’ wife Becky Boston is currently 31 years old.

Does Pat Cummins and Becky Boston Have Children?

Pat Cummins has a young son named Albie with his wife Becky Boston