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How much is the total assets of Big cheese?   While actually living, Traylor was paid a frightening $1,000,000 yearly pay. In the last part of the 1980s and all through the whole 1990s, Big cheese was a whiz in the WWE.

The assessed total assets of Big cheese is $2.5 million.

Early life and adolescence of Big cheese   American resident Beam W. Traylor was born in Georgia on May 2, 1963. Traylor didn’t give a lot of insights regarding his folks. Like that, not much is been aware of his childhood and instruction.

Full name Raymond Washington Traylor Jr.
Ring names Big Boss Man, The Boss, The Man, The Guardian Angel, Big Bubba Rogers, Ray Traylor, and War machine.
Birthdate May 2, 1963
Birthplace Marietta, Georgia, United States of America
Death September 22, 2004 (at the age of 41)
Place of death Dallas, Georgia, United States of America
Cause of death Heart attack
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Horoscope Taurus
Father’s name Not known
Mother’s name Not known
Wife’s name Angela Traylor
Children 2 daughters (Megan Chyanne Traylor and Lacy Abilene Traylor)
Height 6 feet 6 inches (1.98m)
Weight 305 lbs. (149 kgs)
Eye color Brown
Profession Wrestler
Trained by Ted Allen
Debut 1985
Signature outfit Cop uniform
Finishing moves Boss Man slam, also known as Bubba Slam, Traylor Trash, and Side Slam (while spinning).Water-Wheel or Double leg Slam
Signature moves Bearhug, Backbreaker, Enzuigiri, Powerbomb, Spinebuster, Bolo Punch, etc.
Managers Slick, Jimmy Hart, Skandor Akbar, Baby Doll, etc.
Affiliations WWF/WWE, World Championship Wrestling, International Wrestling Association of Japan, etc.
Life before wrestling Prison guard
Salary $1,000,000 annually
Net worth $2.5 million
Merch Action Figure, Wrestling Cards
Last Update September, 2022

Before Wrestling   Prior to entering the universe of expert wrestling, The Big cheese filled in as a prison watch. He worked for the Cobb District Sheriff’s Office explicitly as a redresses/prison guard. In 1988, three years after his expert wrestling debut, he at long last left his place of employment as a prison monitor.

Likewise, he once wore a police uniform while contending. His trademark clothing probably been affected by his initial business.

Big Head honcho – Presentation and World Significant burden Title  The local of Georgia made his stage debut in 1985.

He began as Raymond Traylor, working for Jim Crockett Advancements. A similar association utilized grappler Jim Cornette’s quiet guardian, Beam W. Traylor, who went by the pseudonym Big Bubba Rogers.

In under a year, he achieved extraordinary conspicuousness inside the wrestling local area. Thus, the makers welcomed Head honcho to contend in a progression of Bunkhouse Rush contests in 1986 with tip top grappler Rhodes. Traylor at first tied Rhodes in the definitive match despite the fact that he lost.

In 1987, Traylor started going after the Widespread Wrestling Alliance (UWF). He crushed One Man Posse there to guarantee the title of World Heavyweight Champion. He later disavowed the title and selected to seek the WWF as opposed to the UWF.

The present audiences are know all about World Wrestling Diversion (WWE), the WWF’s new name (WWE). They gave the establishment another name in 2002.

Big cheese – World Wrestling League (WWF)   He was presented with his most well known ring name, The Big cheese.

In the realm of expert wrestling, a heel is frequently alluded to as the main bad guy or fiendish person. Big cheese was recognized by his custom of cuffing the beaten adversary to the ring rope and afterward beating them.

In his effective WWF debut, he crushed Koko B. Product. His baldfaced mark on the WWF was his assault on Mass Hogan during the Brother’s Adoration interview portion.

The Twin Pinnacles (with Akeem)  The association with Akeem empowered Head honcho to progress in his WWF vocation. The Twin Pinnacles, as they were all the more normally called, participated in various grappler quarrels. It’s an exemplary when they crushed The Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Janetty) at WrestleMania V.

The pair fought with each other after 1990. At WrestleMania VI, Big Bubba Rogers crushed Akeem in less than two minutes.

Significant WWF Occurrences   Right off the bat in 1990, Big Bubba’s supervisor Smooth was paid by Ted DiBiase to drive Big Bubba to eliminate and hold onto Jake, The Snake Robert’s belt from his pack. In the sack was Jake’s python also.

In spite of the idea, Big Bubba gave Jake Roberts the pack and the python back. Moreover, he opposed returning Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Title belt.

Beam Traylor turned into the fan number one because of this event. Thus, Big Bubba Rogers was verifiably an ethical man.

Traylor quit utilizing binds and beating individuals after 1990.

He and Naliz engaged in a fight in 1992. Big cheese and Kevin Wachloz (Naliz) have a well established contention. Wachloz asserted that Big cheese abused him while he was detained.

He showed sensations of counter. In his orange jail jumpsuit, Wachloz charged towards Big cheese. He then, at that point, put Big cheese in cuffs and beat him with a nightstick.

Nonetheless, the circumstance turned when Big cheese crushed Naliz in a Nightstick on a Post Match at Survivor Series.

Big cheese’s Binds with Hogan   Hogan confounded Head honcho (a wrestling move), which at last shut down their hatreds. It occurred during the steel confine matches that were important for Saturday Night’s Headliner.

At the 1990 Survivor Series, Big cheese worked together with his long-lasting opponent Hogan, Jim Duggan, and Towing boat. John Tenta’s group was crushed by the pack.

At the point when Big Head honcho’s mom was offended by Heenan.  The main time Head honcho’s mom has been referenced in his vocation was when Heenan offended her. Big cheese’s mom was decried by Bobby Heenan. As a demonstration of counter, He at last lays out control over The Heenan family.

Big cheese – All Japan Genius Wrestling  In 1993, Head honcho made his presentation in the All Japan Genius Wrestling under the generally notable ring moniker Big Bubba. He truly appreciated playing in label groups. Besides, he won singles matches against a great deal of notable grapplers.

Big showdown Wrestling’s Big Head honcho  In December 1993, Beam Traylor made his Big showdown debut.

He started by presenting himself as The Chief. The WWF, his old business, sued him for utilizing The Chief and he too correspondingly. Subsequently, he changed the name of his ring to The Divine messenger. However, his clothing didn’t adjust a lot.

He changed the ring moniker to Big Bubba Rogers and returned to his opposing person. The Big Bubba took part in various challenges with Sting, Big Van Vader, and Rick Impolite.

Prison of Destruction and The New World Request (NWO/nWo)  The two grappler groups or pens in Big showdown Wrestling are The Prison of Destruction and The New World Request.

Around 1996, Big Bubba made his introduction with The Prison of Destruction. He took part in battle with John Tenta and Ice sheet, who were subsidiary with a similar expert wrestling association.

Toward the finish of 1996, he moved from The Prison of Destruction to nWo. Traylor battled in nWo in light of the fact that he was excused and somewhat disabled. Afterward, he got back in the game and crushed Scott Lobby, Brief Hennig, and Vincent.

Charge Goldberg crushed Beam W. Traylor in their last Big showdown Wrestling fight. He then, at that point, decided not to participate, permitting his agreement to end.

Big Head honcho – Return to WWE/WWF  Traylor in the end got back in the saddle to WWF under the religion most loved moniker Big Head honcho. He embraced another classy appearance, wearing an all-dark uniform likened to what Smack would wear. With gloves and an impenetrable coat, he showed up more expert.

Bubba Rogers was employed by The Enterprise and Vincent McMahon’s heel stable. He additionally assumed on the liability of filling in as the individuals’ protector.

During his visit with The Partnership, he came out on top for the No-nonsense Title multiple times as well as the Group Label Title with Kem Shamrock. Then again, he was fooled into dangling from the enclosure’s roof subsequent to losing to Funeral director at WrestleMania XV.

Remarkable Occasions Following His WWF Restoration   Traylor grappled with Al Snow while towing Pepper, the man’s pet Chihuahua. Pepper was mishandled by Head honcho before the game.

Afterward, he abducted the Chihuahua. He advanced the deception by giving Al Snow a portion of Pepper’s meat. Both Snow and Head honcho supposedly arrived at a settlement, prompting the two of them coming out on top for the championship of Bad-to-the-bone Hero.

The Big Show’s (Paul Donald) fight with Big cheese is both contentious and notorious. As well as loudly mishandling Big Show’s dad at his entombment, Big cheese additionally made his mom think inadequately about her child.

Big Head honcho – Towards the finish of his wrestling vocation  In the 2000 Illustrious Thunder Match, Traylor had an essential entry and proceeded to overcome Rikishi, Chyna, and Farooq. Afterward, The Stone disposed of him.

Rather than watching the WWF’s transmission around 2000, Big cheese for the most part taken part in grappling with Jakked and Intensity. He and Crash Holly got into a battle, which made him experience a serious physical issue in January 2001.

He pursued the choice to return and afterward play some matches. However, despite the fact that he was crushed by Tommy Visionary in his last occasion.

In 2003, he was given up by WWE. Regardless, for his last wrestling position, he trained youthful grapplers in Ohio Valley.

Worldwide Japanese Wrestling Affiliation   As his last undertaking, Raymond W. Traylor participated in a rivalry held by the Global Wrestling Relationship of Japan.

The opposition’s full title was the Global Wrestling Relationship of Japan Significant burden Title. He contended in the match’s finals. In any case, eventually, Jim Duggan won.

Subject from “Big cheese”  Here is an example of “Tough situations,” the subsequent subject tune for Big Head honcho.

Big cheese and His Loved ones   Angela Traylor was the spouse of Beam W. Traylor. They were companions since they were youthful and were additionally sincerely involved prior to getting hitched. In spite of the fact that we couldn’t find explicit data, the sources show that the marriage occurred after 1989.

Megan Chyanne Traylor and Frilly Abilene Traylor are two of Beam W. Traylor and Angela Traylor’s little girls. The dad of the Traylor young ladies died before they arrived at adulthood.

Big Head honcho – Mark  Big cheese was a fan number one, truth be told. His signature has been assembled by us through Twitter.

Passing and Tradition of Big Head honcho  The coronary episode that killed Raymond W. on September 22, 2004, in Dallas, Georgia. At 41 years old, he died too early.

As per an article on the BBC site, most grapplers show actual wounds, steroid use, and determined pressure from rivalries, all of which add to their initial destruction.

2016 WWE Corridor of Popularity class  In 2016, WWE perceived Head honcho by enlisting him into the class of 2016 for the WWE Corridor of Notoriety. The activity was begun by Smooth, his past director.

For the benefit of their late dad and spouse, Raymond Traylor’s staggering girls Elegant and Megan acknowledged the honor.

World class Assortment: Big cheese   A 7-inch doll with Beam Traylor’s activity figure, cuffs, shades, and nightsticks from the WWE Organization Spotlight series on it. It is accessible f