Blackbyrd Singer Tamsyn Maker aka Tarryn Lamb Died, What Happened?

Blackbyrd singer, Tamsyn Maker is no longer with us, according to several reports on social media. Here is her death news explained. What happened to her?

Singer Tamsyn Maker has died, as per reports on Twitter. Users on Twitter and Reddit are sending tributes and obituaries on the rumored death of the South African musical artist.

However, no official media outlet has written anything about the singer’s death until now. As she and her band have thousands of followers, some of them have left emotional messages following the rumors of her death.

Blackbyrd Singer Tamsyn Maker Death News: What Happened?

Tamsyn Maker’s death news is surfacing on social media and it looks like the singer has passed away.

Twitter and Reddit users have dedicated a lot of messages to her. However, we have not received any confirmation from her family member, close friend, or a local media outlet.

So, it is quite unjust to talk about her death based on these rumors. May she find peace wherever she is.

Tamsyn Maker Age And Wikipedia

Tamsyn Maker was quite young and she passed away early.

The cause of her death remains yet to be known though. There aren’t a lot of details, nor confirmation on her death news until now.

Best known for the Capetown-based band, BlackByrd, she was one of three members including Tarryn Lamb and Axene Prinsloo. The band is a pop trio that is known for songs about love and heartbreak.

Formed in 2012, BlackByrd has recorded two studio albums until now. Also, they have opened tours for various famous artists around the globe.

Find Tamsyn Maker On Instagram

Tamsyn Maker was on Instagram which currently has over 7000 followers.

But her Instagram handle is private and only her followers have access to her photos and content. The band, however, has a official Instagram account which has thousands of followers worldwide.

Tamsyn Maker Parents And Family Facts To Know

The details on Tamsyn Maker’s parents and family remain unknown for the time being.

We do forward our heartfelt condolences to her family. May she rest in paradise.