Blaster Silonga And Damn Emma Issue: Meme Meaning On Reddit Explained

Blaster Silonga is a Filipino singer who is currently trending on Reddit for his Damn Emma Issue. People have turned this into a meme. Find out about the explanation and meaning behind the meme.

Blaster Silonga is a 23 years old musical artist from the Philippines.

He is one of the popular singers from the Philippines famous for his rock songs such as Mundo, Come inside of my heart, etc.

Nowadays, the Filipino artist is not only talked about for his songs but is talked on the web for his statement, also known as the damn Emma issue.

Blaster Silonga And Damn Emma Issue

It has been found that Blaster Silonga is also involved in the subreddit.

Blaster is the main vocalist of IVOFSPADES. IV OF SPADES is a Filipino fun rock band formed on May 15, 2014.

He has gained a lot of fans and fans from his vocals in the band. The band has been entertaining the Filipinos for years. But now, the main vocalist of the band has become a subject of meme by Reddit users.

Lately, people familiar with the case have been using the term Damn Emma for various purposes and mainly for commenting on posts.

Meme Meaning On Reddit Explained

Various screenshots can be found on Reddit, including the singer using Damn Emma on DMs of Instagram.

Reddit is a place where people are not afraid to create and share memes and make them viral overnight. Similarly, the term probably came from one of Blastar’s recent Instagram live as described by a user on Facebook.

According to him, a black screen is seen on Blasters’ IG live while he was going live, and not-so-clear audio was heard.

Those people who watched his IG’s live all experienced the same thing, and a female user commented, “PUTANGINA YES JAKOL.” From there on, some of his fans found the case funny, while others were open about it, and his statement was turned into a meme.

Meet His Girlfriend On Instagram

Blaster Silonga is not shy to post pictures with his girlfriend on his Instagram account.

In fact, one can view lots of posts with his girlfriend on Instagram. He is available as @silongablaster on the platform.

The name of his girlfriend is Crystal Jobli. She is active on Instagram under the username @crysjobli.

She seems to be a model who is also a singer and loves to paint.