Brooke Blurton’s Boyfriend, Is She In A Relationship With Sam McGinn?

Brooke Blurton recently posted a story of her new boyfriend named Sam McGinn.

Brooke Blurton is a reality TV personality who came into the limelight after her appearance on a reality show called The Bachelor Australia. She is wonderful and was loved by most of the audience during and after the show.

Blurton is a famous television star, model, social media influencer, actress, activist, and Internet sensation. She is often seen talking about LGBTQ limited events, social works, and the emotional well-being of people.

In addition, the TV star was born in Carnarvon, Australia, and later moved to Sydney, Australia, in 2016. After a year, she again moved to Perth, Western Australia, in the year 2017.

Who Is Brooke Blurton’s Boyfriend?

Brooke Blurton is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, whose name is Sam McGinn. The couple looks very much in love with each other, and all her fans also hope and wish they stay together.

Blurton is a beautiful reality TV star who has featured in a popular reality TV show called ‘The Bachelor Australia.’ Brooke and Sam got into a relationship just after splitting up with her ex-lover, Darvid Garayeli.

Moreover, the reality Tv star is slowly trying to introduce her new lover to her fans and the media, as most of her followers are not over her previous affair. The two are often seen with each other.

Brooke Blurton And Her Boyfriend Sam McGinn Age Gap And Relationship Timeline

Brooke Blurton and her boyfriend Sam McGinn do not seem to have a vast age gap. She is 26 years old, and Sam also seems to be in his late 20s. Their relationship timeline is yet to be revealed to the public.

However, we have managed to gather a little information related to them. Brooke was recently seen sharing a cute snap on her Instagram story where her dog ‘Cobar’ is staring at Sam. She had written, Find someone who looks at you the way Cobar looks at @sammcginn.”

Where Sam was seen reposting her story with a cute heart emoji, the duo was also seen keeping their arms around each other in a picture that was shared by one of their friends during a recent camping trip to Melbourne.

Furthermore, Sam and Brooke made their first public appearance when they attended the premiere of the musical Hamilton in Victoria. The TV star showed her new lover by sharing a photo of her home office where there was a polaroid photo of her, Sam, and dog Cobar cuddling.

Brooke Blurton Family

Brooke Blurton was born on January 01, 1995, to her loving family in Carnarvon, Australia. Her parents’ names are yet to be disclosed to the social media platform. But there are some details to know about them through this article.

Brooke’s mother committed suicide when she was just 11 years old. She had revealed in an interview that her childhood was not so good as she had to face violence and drug consumption at her home.

The TV personality said, “I write a letter to my mother on her anniversary every year, giving her an update on my life and the lives of my siblings. I know she will never listen to it, but I think she will.”

Brooke’s father is English, and her mother is an Aboriginal-Malaysian. She belongs to Noongar-Yamatgi descent and is of a mixed racial race, per the reports. She also has two brothers named Troy; another brother’s name is yet to be known, whereas her sister’s name is Kye.