Bruno Rudge Idade Wikipedia: Who Is He?

Bruno Rudge’s age (idade) seems to be 30-40 years old based on his present appearance. Is his biography available on Wikipedia’s official page? Let us learn more about him.

Bruno Rudge is a Brazilian Businessperson from Sao Paulo.

Recently, he has been in all over the media for dating Duda Reis.

Duda is a well-known Brazilian social media personality who has amassed a large following by recording her daily life. She frequently promotes her beach lifestyle through personal selfies and modeling photographs.

Previously she ended her engagement with Nego do Borel. The separation was troubled, with accusations by the actress of aggression, threats and other abusive behaviour by funkier.

However, following the split, she expressed her dissatisfaction with the relationship.

Bruno Rudge Idade (age) & Wikipedia Bio

Bruno Rudge’s age appears to be in his 30s based on his current look.

We were unable to determine his exact age or date of birth at this time.

Rudge’s biography has yet to be added to Wikipedia’s official page.

However, we can discover his Instagram handle under the username @brunotrudge.

As of now, he has able to gain around 76.2k fan followers on the platform.

Additionally, there are relatively few sources that give important data about Bruno. There are not much data regarding his professional and private life.

In that sense, we are not familiar with his work at this time.

Who Is Bruno Rudge Girlfriend?

Talking about Bruno Rudge’s girlfriend he is currently in a relationship with Duda Reis.

Duda is an actress by profession who is currently 20 years old.

The couple has just assumed that they are really a couple.

Interestingly, this is the first relationship that Duda officially assumes.

When they were discovered kissing in Salvador, Bahia, in early June, they decided to make their relationship public.

Moreover, we can often see Duda frequently posting photos of herself and her partner on her Instagram account.

Bruno Rudge Family

Moving on to Bruno Rudge’s family, there is regrettably not much to share.

His parents’ personalities also remain unknown at this moment.

He is, however, best known as the brother of digital influencer Lala Rudge.

Other than that, the insight regarding his other relatives is under that radar.