Candy Montgomery Wikipedia and Historia: Where is She Today/Now?

Candy Montgomery is an infamous American murderer who killed her friend Betty Gore on 30 June 1980. 

Candy killed her friend, Betty, with an axe. This murder gave her a nickname, Axe Murderer.

In 1984, a book called Evidence of Love was published that detailed the murder.

Candy Montgomery Wikipedia

Candy Montgomery’s details and information are not available on the official domain of Wikipedia.

Candy was a housewife and a loving mother residing in Wylie, Texas, at that time. She usually spent her leisure time teaching words of the Bible.

Further. she met Betty, full name Bethany Gore at the Methodist Church of Lucas. The two eventually became close and formed a friendship.

The friendship turned into hatred for each other when Candy developed feelings for Allan Gore, Betty’s husband.

Candy was married to Pat Montgomery. Pat was an electrical engineer at Texas Instruments.

The trendy actress Elizabeth Oslen announced that she would be playing the role of Candy in the upcoming HBO series Love and Death.

Candy Montgomery Historia

Candy Montgomery collided with Allan Gore while moving to hit the ball simultaneously during a church volleyball game in 1978.

That was the moment Candy first developed feelings for Allan Gore. After choir practice, Candy confessed her feelings to Allan, who told Candy he loved his wife and could not betray him.

Betty and Allan were facing some problems in their relationship. After three weeks of her confession, Allan called Candy to meet at an auto repair shop in Mckinney, Texas.

The two discussed the rules of the affair and decided no involvement of emotional attachments for weeks. The experience began at the Continental Inn on 12 December 1978.

The lovers would meet at the Como Motel every week for the next four months. Sadly after the birth of the second child of Betty, the rendezvous became less frequent.

Candy then suggested ending the affair because she felt guilty about her acts. Shortly after, Betty found about their experience and confronted Candy about her affair with Allan.

According to Candy, Betty had attacked her with a three-foot-long axe which caused a gash in Candy’s toe.

Candy took advantage of Betty’s poor aim and gained control of the ax just as Betty lost her balance. Candy hit Betty on her head with the axe.

Candy Montgomery: Where is she today?

Candy Montgomery is from Lucas, Kansas. She currently lives in Texas. In 2021, she is expected to be 60 years old. However, we don’t have enough information about her birthday right now.

Candy was not found guilty as the jury believed that she killed Betty for self-defense.

Therefore, Candy is out of jail and living her life out of prison.

This murder case later inspired a movie named A Killing in a Small Town that premiered on 22 May 1990.