Celebrity Big Brother 3 spotlight: How will Teddi Mellencamp fare?

As we plan for the Celebrity Big Brother 3 debut on CBS tomorrow evening, there is another player to highlight in Teddi Mellencamp.

We’ll be straightforward from the beginning here in saying that entering this season, we weren’t that acquainted with Teddi, save for that her dad is artist John Cougar Mellencamp. She is a previous primary cast part on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills who has taken care of business in the way of life and wellness space – we’ll no doubt go into the house feeling that she’ll be an extraordinary communicator and can do sensibly well in a portion of the contests.

Would she be able to be authentically fruitful? We’re somewhat uncertain. She did her exploration and studied up on the game prior to going in, so basically she knows quite a bit of what she’s doing.

Be that as it may, we’re additionally not certain she’ll be in a split second interesting to a portion of different competitors. Regardless of whether she and Cynthia Bailey have a few normal bonds through the Bravo universe, they were on very surprising shows – they might not have moment collusion of some kind.

Teddi’s the kind of individual who will express her real thoughts, and that in the game will either be her most prominent strength or biggest shortcoming. We see her as somebody who either be gone truly early or be around until near the end, and everything relies upon where she submits the numbers.

She’ll likely be a sensibly steadfast partner for the people who are near her, yet additionally an obvious objective to the individuals who aren’t. She may nicely well in certain contests, however she is additionally contending with competitors who will handily dominate in the actual side of things. Since we’ve said all of this, would we be able to simply get to the beginning of the period as of now?