Chaim Kanievsky Children: Who Are Shmaryahu Yosef Chaim Kanievsky’s Children And What Do They Do?

Late Israeli Haredi rabbi and posek, Chaim Kanievsky, and his late wife, Batsheva Kanievsky, had five children during their lifetime- Leah KoledetskI, Chana Steinman, Deena Epstein, Rutie Tzivion, and Brachah Braverman.

Leah KoledetskI
Leah inherited her revered mother’s role as a guiding spiritual light to the women of Am Yisrael.

Like her mother, Rabbanit Kolodetsky receives women (and some men as well) thirsty for advice and encouragement and blessings.

Chana Steinman
Chana passed away in the prime of her life, at the age of 61 after an illness.

She was the oldest daughter of Harav Chaim Kanievsky. She grew up in a home of greatness, ahavas Torah, yiras Shamayim and sterling middos, and, already as a child, it was clear that she had absorbed the exalted values she had been imbued with and was destined for greatness.

Deena Epstein
There are no records of Deena online. However, she is regarded as a daughter of Rabbi Chain.

Rutie Tzivion
There are no records of Rutie Tzivion on the internet. However, she is regarded as a daughter of Rabbi Chain.

Brachah Braverman
Brachah is a painter who works in both Paris and Tel Aviv. An internationally renowned visual artis­t who has been showing in major museums of modern and contemporary art, and a distinguished thinker.