Charithra Chandran Ethnic Background: Her Parents Nationality And Family Explored – Where Is She From?

Is Charithra Chandran Indian? Look out for her ethnicity, parents, stretch marks, nationality, and more in the article. 

If you are here, you surely know about the Bidgerton actress Charithra Chandran and her role as Edwina Sharma.

Following her praiseworthy portrayal in season 2 of the romantic drama show, fans cannot wait to learn everything about her.

So, let’s see what we’ve got.

What Is Charithra Chandran Ethnic Background?

She has never spoken about her ethnicity. But, given that her roots are attached to Tamil Nadu, India, she must be a Tamilian.

Charithra loves to flex her culture and norms on her social media, as we can see her flaunting sarees and ‘Gajras’ to look as much South Indian as she can in ceremonies.

And fans indeed love seeing her that way.

Meet Charithra Chandran Parents: Palanichamy Chandran and Shanthi Chandran

Charithra Chandran is the only daughter of her father, Palanichamy Chandran, and her mother, Shanthi Chandran.

They both are doctors but split when their daughter was only two-years-old.

She lived most of her childhood with her father and teenage with her mother. And, now lives independently.

However, she never fails to upload pictures of her parents, and family on her social media.

To What Nationality Does She Belong?

Charithra Surya Chandran was born on 17 January 1997 in Perth, Scotland. Hence, her nationality is British.

Although her roots are in the Southern state of India, she has been living her whole life in England.

She only lived in India for about two years and took no time to return to her birthplace to study.

What Caused The Stretch Marks?

A lot of rumors regarding Charithra Chandran’s stretch marks are coming up. And, they are portrayed in such a way that people are calling her pregnant.

Pulling anyone’s leg or trolling for having stretch marks is completely absurd as it is one of the essential parts of being a woman.

But in reality, the actress is neither pregnant nor has visible stretch marks. Hence, it is only a rumor.

Where Is Charithra Chandran From?

Born in Perth, Scotland, Charithra Chandran is an English actress carrying Indian descent.

As mentioned above, following her parents’ split, she went to live with her grandparents in Tamil Nadu, India. But, later, returned to continue her academics, starting from joining the school in Liverpool.

Before settling down with her mother in Oxford, she went on to do her high school studies at Moreton Hall Preparatory School in Suffolk.