Chris Boshuizen Net Worth – Blue Origin Wikipedia and Wife Age Exposed

The co-founder of Planet Labs and partner at DCVC, Chris Boshuizen’s net worth is $30 million, as per @dailymailhe will go to space on the Blue Origins space capsule.

Chris Boshuizen is among the four others set to travel to space on the Blue Origin space capsule.

Actor William Shatner, microbiologist Glen de Vires, and Blue Origin VP Audrey Powers will be joining him in a Blue Origin space capsule.

They will be traveling to space for a 10-minute flight into suborbital space.

The Australian-born will be the only third Australian to ever fly into space. Chris supports the idea of a space expedition and believes in human society living there in the future.

Chris Boshuizen Net Worth

Chris Boshuizen estimated net worth is $30 million, as per daily mail.

Chris is the co-founder of Planet Labs and a partner at DCVC, a venture capital firm. Boshuizen once worked at NASA’s Ames Research Centre, where he was involved in the Hover Test Vehicle project.

Furthermore, the Australian saw the 50 launches of rockets while working at NASA.

The young scientist is already an established millionaire scientist. However, he has still not revealed the price of his trip, Blue Origin, to space.

Blue Origin Wikipedia

Blue Origin, LLC, details are well documented on Wikipedia.

It is a privately funded aerospace manufactures and sub-orbital spaceflight company based in Kent, Washington.

The company is the brainchild of billionaire Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon. Founded in 2000, it aims to make space flight cheaper and reliable.

New technology like reusable rockets is used on Blue Origins, which significantly reduces the cost of space travel.

Today, they completed the second human bound space flight, and the first human flight was conducted on July 20.

Chris Boshuizen Wife

Unfortunately, information on Chris Boshuizen’s wife is not available. Due to a lack of information, we cannot confirm whether he is married or not.

Chris seems a private individual who has kept any details on his love life, a private matter.

Neither, his Twitter handle provides any further clue into his dating history.

The Australian scientist completed the Blue Origin space flight today.

Chris Boshuizen Age

Chris Boshuizen’s present age is not revealed yet.

However, judging by his recent pictures, he looks between 30-40 years old.

There isn’t a single piece of news that disclosed his birthdate available on the internet.

He earned his Ph,d in Physics and BSc in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Sydney.

The talented scientist is also a well-known musician.