Christine Lee Death Photo: How Did She Died? Autopsy and Crime Scene Pictures

Christine Lee, a 16-year-old high school student, was discovered dead in an empty lot in Lapu-Lapu city. People are shocked after seeing the photos of the deceased. 

Christine Lee’s horrific death and rape upset millions around the world, particularly those in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, photographs of the dead’s post-mortem examinations are circulating on the internet.

Christine Lee Death Photo: How Did She Died?

Christine Silawan got murdered two years ago, yet the story still sends shivers up people’s spines due to its brutality.

Lee was discovered entirely naked from the waist down. Se had been stabbed several times and had wounds all over her body. She had also been raped and had several portions of her body removed.

According to reports, half of Christine’s face was skinned to the skull to make her dead body unrecognizable.

Further, She was also reportedly strangled with a one-meter rope as she had ligature marks on her left wrist and neck.

Christine was seen walking with a male in the early hours of March 10th, according to CCTV evidence. This matched forensic evidence suggesting she was murdered between 6 and 7 p.m. on the same date in March 2019.

Christine Lee Autopsy and Crime Scene Pictures

According to the autopsy report, Christian Lee Silwan had several injuries across her body. Moreover, Her face was partly destroyed, and just her skull was visible in the crime scene photos.

The investigation also revealed that some of her physical parts were missing, including her tongue, sections of her neck, trachea, right ears, and stomach.

To be more specific, Lee was initially found by cops with around nine defensive injuries and twenty stab wounds.

Superintendent Benjamin Lara said that there are high chances that a caustic material got used to destroy the face.

Most likely, acid was the cause that scorched the flesh of the teenager’s face, forehead, neck, and eyes.

Cebu: Christine Lee Murder Primary suspect

Jonas Martel Bueno was the main suspect in the Christine Lee murder case in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

Bueno was the prime suspect because he was involved in the murder of a 62-year-old farmer in Danao City, Cebu. And the murder of the farmer had some similarities with Christine’s case.

Renato Llanes, another suspect, was apprehended after making an extrajudicial confession of murdering the teen on April 9th.

At least three men were involved in the assassination of Christine Lee, according to the Philippine National Police.