Christine Sydelko Bio – Age, Height and Everything You Need to Know

Plus size beauty Christine Sydelko shot to fame as a comedian and internet personality in 2015. She has also landed roles in movies and been featured in music videos for popular singers like Katy Perry.

Christine Sydelko Bio, Age

Christine Sydelko was born Christine LaurenSydelko on March 27, 1994, and she is said to be from Chicago, Illinois. The internet star is said to be of Iranian descent and has two older brothers. She was a student at DePaul University where she studied digital media and filmmaking before becoming an internet sensation.

All about Christine Sydelko

1. She is a college dropout

The YouTuber reportedly dropped out of school in 2015 and moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue his internet career on YouTube.

2. She is a successful Vlogger

Since she started creating content on YouTube in 2015 with her first two introductory Q&A videos and Makeup Tutorial, Christine has become an internet sensation. She had over 400,000 Vine followers and is known for her crazy antics in her videos.

Most fans have come to love her because she is seen as a girl who is real and enjoys the truthfulness she exhibits in her videos like a normal girl who faces many challenges before coming of age. adult.

3. She is an actress

As her vines became popular, Christine landed roles in videos like Givit Wednesday, Bing Bong: Official Video, Closer by the Chainsmokers & Halsey Parody in 2017, Eat, Clay, Love released in 2017, and the television series Maury. The vlogger was also in the Shane & Friends video, Excuses in Advance with Andrea Russett, the 2017 Katy Perry music video Swish Swish, and the TV sitcom Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig.

4. Christine Sydelko is a proud fat girl

The YouTuber, though a size plus is known for being a big body proud girl, she never uses her weight as a punchline in her videos or makes silly jokes about her looks.

5. She is known for her partnership with Elijah Daniel

Christine and Daniel have reportedly been making videos together since 2015 and even appeared in the Maury Salon together. Their collaborative YouTube account has over 227,000 subscribers and in 2017 the duo won Best Comedian at the Shorty Awards, followed by Daniel’s work being recognized by The Washington Post and Daily Dot.

However, the duo reportedly broke up as they announced their plans to launch their own channels. Their collaborative channel known as Elijah and Christine will now be owned and managed by Christine. Daniel, who is also a musician who performs under the name Lil Phag, would focus on his music and continue posting his vlogs through a new channel. They revealed that the reason for the breakup was to help them practice what they preached which was originality and they were losing it as a team, hence the decision to break up.

6. She has a signature outfit

The vlogger is known for her signature outfit which includes a t-shirt that reads “Don’t Mess With Texas”, a jacket, colorful headbands and a Croc tattoo.

Christine Sydelko’s height and weight issues

The 6ft 4in internet sensation who has a weight of around 110kg is known to have faced numerous fat shaming incidences. She was reportedly shamed on the Spirit Airlines flight when she asked for her seatbelt extension There was also an incident on Twitter when people started making fun of her appearance in a photo she took. shared. However, the incidence of fat shaming that got a lot of attention was when she was dubbed ‘Shaquille ‘O Meals’ in the Katy Perry music video named Swish Swish where she was portrayed as a girl plus size who couldn’t get enough food.

Christine Syeldelko has not been silent about her body size, but has always shown great zeal in telling people that she looks uncomfortable letting her be. She also recently wrote a long tweet in which she shares the downside of being overweight in which she clearly stated that fat girls never win in any situation because people are always biased in judging them.

Currently, the YouTuber seems to appreciate her height and has no intention of losing weight or going on a diet according to her, being fat and accepting it is a way to show her confidence.