Christopher Barber Trucker and Ottawa Protester Was Arrested, What Are The Charges Laid On Him After Freedom Convoy?

Christopher Barber, alias Chis, an Ottawa protester, was arrested on Albert Street and taken into police custody. Learn more about the case here.

On Thursday afternoon, February 17, 2022, Canadian authorities arrested one of the Freedom Convoy’s most prominent leaders.

Chris Barber is presently in police custody and is anticipated to face criminal charges.

He is identified as one of the main organizers of the three-week-long demonstration in Ottawa.

Likewise, Barber is also one of three protest organizers listed in a class-action complaint filed by lawyer Paul Champ on behalf of his client, 21-year-old public servant Zexi Li, in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Earlier this month, Barber replied to concerns that the protest was having a negative impact on Ottawa residents by stating organizers had “empathy” for the city’s people.

Convoy: Christopher Barber Trucker Ottawa Was Arrested

Christopher Barber has been a truck driver for 28 years.

He headed the Saskatchewan contingent of the three-week-long protest convoy in Ottawa.

Barber was strolling down the street with a group of buddies when he was stopped by the cops.

Later, on Albert Street, he was apprehended.

On social media, footage showed him being detained and smiling cheerfully as he was patted down and loaded into a patrol car.

Moreover, the authorities haven’t released any photographs of his mugshots thus far.

Who Is Christopher Barber Wife?

Christopher Barber is a married man and has a wife.

As of right now, she hasn’t made an appearance in the media.

Barber instructed a friend who was filming to call his wife while he was being arrested.

Disclosing Christopher Barber Net Worth

Christopher Barber’s net worth has yet to be determined.

He has been a truck driver for 28 years.

There isn’t much information about him, such as his history or other personal data.

Barber is being held by the police and is anticipated to face criminal charges.

Along with Tamara Lich and Benjamin Dichter, he is mentioned in the class-action complaint filed with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.