Clay Milner Russell Girlfriend: Who Is Dating Girlfriend? Wiki Age

After witnessing the reel girlfriend of Clay Milner Russell’s the public is eagerly waiting to know the real-life girlfriend of Clay Milner. 

Clay Milner Russell is a British actor. He is known for his roles known for EastEnders (1985) and County Lines (2019).

Who Is Clay Milner Russell’s Girlfriend?

Clay’s girlfriend is unknown to the media.

He has never disclosed about dating anyone to the public.

Clay is currently playing the role of Bobby Beale in the BBC’s soap opera EastEnders. In the show, he is dating the character, Dana Monroe, portrayed by barbara smith.

After the couple on the show finally locked their lips despite the COVID restriction. The audience is interested in his real-life girlfriend as well.

But like always, Clay is a private person and has not spilled information regarding his love life.

Spotlight On Clay Milner Russell’s Wiki

Clay is considered one of the underrated actors of the industry. Despite being famous for his acting skills, the official Wikipedia does not feature the biography of Clay.

IMDB has covered his short biography.

He is currently playing the role of Bobby Beale on the soap opera EastEnders. He is playing the character from 2019 till the present.

Before Clay, the other four actors portrayed the role of Bobby. Firstly, Kevin Curran performed the role flawlessly from 2003 to 2007. Secondly, the role was handed over to the actor Alex Francis from 2007 to 2012.

What Is Clay Milner Russell’s Age?

Clay miner is currently 20 years old.

Counting by age, Clay was born in 2001, but his actual birthday is unknown to the public.

He is also unavailable on social media, so the information on his birthday is hard to find out.