Comedian: Was Louie Anderson Married? Wife & Gay Rumors Debunked

Comedian: Louie Anderson is no longer with us. Was he married? Everything to know about his ex-wife and gay rumors. 

Famous comedian and actor, Louie Anderson has passed away at the age of 68. As confirmed by the actor, Pauly Shore, the 68-year-old was in a hospital in Las Vegas battling blood cancer.

Best known for his cartoon series, Life with Louie, Anderson also hosted the popular game show, Family Feud back in the early 2000s. The comedian will be missed for his putting smile on the faces of millions.

May his departed soul rest in peace.

Was Louie Anderson Married? His Wife And Gay Rumors Debunked

Louie Anderson was married once in his life.

As per his Wikipedia bio, the comedian was married to his high-school sweetheart in 1985. However, the marriage lasted only for 4 weeks. Following that, he has never tied the knot again.

Moving on to his sexuality, Louie Anderson was often rumored to be gay. However, the comedian never confirmed those gay rumors and was always mysterious when questions about his sexuality were asked.

A lot of incidents happened that may imply he is gay.

For instance, he was accused of sexual assault by a fellow comedian, Tom Rhodes. Likewise, news broke out saying that a man was blackmailing him with a secret about his sexuality.

None of these rumors were confirmed though.

Louie Anderson Illness And Death Cause: What Happened?

Louie Anderson passed away at 68 in a hospital in Las Vegas.

As per the reports, the Baskets star was admitted to the hospital on January 18. The comedian was battling blood cancer and it was inevitable. He was suffering from large B-cell lymphoma and met his demise on January 21, 2022.

A lot of tributes have followed the death of the actor. We forward our heartfelt condolences to his friends and family and also to the comedian’s fans out there. Hope you get the strength to move on from his loss.

Louie Anderson Partner And Family Details To Know

Louie Anderson wasn’t dating anyone at the time of his death.

The comedian, actually, never publicly dated anyone ever since the wreckage of his first marriage back in 1985. This was another reason why he was surrounded by gay rumors.

With a lot of highs and little lows, the game show host left his world leaving behind heavy hearts. He was surrounded by his sisters and a close friend at the time of his death.