Cordarrelle Patterson – Bio, Girlfriend, Salary, Height, Weight, Body Stats

In team sports, there are positions played by different people and each position is as important as the other, in the sport of American football the person who holds the position of the wide receiver plays in the offensive and is required to run at fast speeds. Cordarrelle Patterson in all his time as a football player had played the position of the wide receiver.

Patterson has once held the record of longest play and longest kick, his skill in the game is not limited to just receiving as he also functions as a running back and specializing in returning punts or kickoffs, a player at this position is referred to as a kick returner.

Cordarrelle Patterson Biography

Patterson spent his childhood in Rock Hill, South Carolina, where he was also born on the 17th of March in 1991. He is the youngest child of three children who were raised by a single woman. The only parent he grew up with is his mum who worked a lot of jobs so as to have multiple streams of income to care for her four children. This might have made life a little bit tough for Patterson; regardless he found a way to shine in sports.

For his high school education, he attended Northwestern High School, which is in the same area he had grown up. While there he was an active participator in sports, playing football, basketball and as well as running track. He was good at all of the three sports he played. As a result of all the time he put into sports his academics suffered which led to him attending North Carolina Tech for a year, to make up for the grades he could not achieve while in high school.

In 2010, Cordarrelle decided to transfer to another school, this time it was to a community college; Hutchinson Community College. During his time at Hutchison, he played college football-although at a junior level, as well as track and field events. The record of his college football career from Hutchinson accumulate to 1,832 yards in receiving, receptions at 113 and an average of 41.9 in kickoff returns which earned him the title of a return specialist. The speed he put into his receiving in football is also what made him really good at the track and field sports, earning him multiple awards.

Cordarrelle Patterson’s success at the community college football brought him to the spotlight and in 2012, the University of Tennessee offered him a sports scholarship. He wasted no time proving himself as the talented sportsman he is and played three positions on their team. He, however, spent a year at the university before declaring his intention to join the next NFL draft of 2013, inadvertently dropping out of college. Patterson was the 29th player to be picked by the Minnesota Vikings, who swooped in during the first round of the draft pick.

Thus began his professional career as a football player.  Cordarrelle Patterson played with the Vikings for a period of three seasons, with wavering points in his performance, by the time he left the team his receiving had suffered immensely but he was still doing great in returning. The next team Patterson joined was the Oakland Raiders; he was with them for a year and during this time, his game improved. In the 2018 football season, he joined the New England Patriots and was instrumental in their reaching the Super Bowl which they won.


Cordarrelle Patterson met his girlfriend, Taylor Quick in 2013, the details of their meeting is not known but the two have been together since that time. In the same year that they met, they had their first child, a girl; Cienna who was born in November of 2013 and five years later in 2018 they had another daughter; Zyana Rachelle.


Cordarrelle Patterson joined the New England Patriots in 2018 and was signed to a two-year contract worth over $8.5 million. The contract pays him an average salary of $3 million. This makes him the third highest paid wide receiver in the team and 16th highest paid in the overall team. Prior to joining the Patriots, Patterson earned $5.2 million playing for the Oakland Raiders in 2017.

Body Statis – Height and Weight

Patterson can be considered as a tall person as he stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches which is 1.88 in meters, he weighs 103 kg which converts to 228 lbs. which makes his speed as a wide receiver much more impressive.