Daniel Olson MIssing Case Update: Where Is He Now? Age Wife And Net Worth –

Daniel Olson reportedly suffers from, Post-traumatic stress disorder and has been missing for five months. Where is Daniel Olson? Let’s find out more about Fargo, North Dakota, missing case. 

Daniel Olson is a mid-year old missing man from West Fargo who has been missing for five months since October 2022. In particular, multiple agencies, The Badlands search, NorthStar Rescue teams, and Bismarck Police team, have been searching for him for a couple of months through the woods near Cottonwood Park.

However, no none has found a single trace of him on the way at the current date beside his abandoned vehicle near Cottonwood Park. In addition, his friends and co-workers have helped in the investigation for a couple of days.

Where Is Daniel Olson Now? Fargo ND  MIssing Case Update

Daniel Olson has not appeared in the workplace, home, and nearby neighborhoods for five months. Meanwhile, many wonders where Daniel Olson is now in this situation.

In particular, the Bismarck Police department found his vehicle near Cottonwood Park on November 4, 2022.

The Investigating team has been trying to collect the leads with the help of GPS technology on cell phones and drones for the current date. According to the Bismarck Police team, they have not received any suspicious clues on Olson’s disappearance.

Daniel Olson Age: How Old Is He?

Daniel Olson has reached the age of 38 at the current date. However, his exact date of birth is still missing from the internet.

Olson is an experienced veteran who had served years in Iraq. In particular, Matt Jameson, a veteran who met Daniel back in 2005 during the Iraq war, has been helping the rescue team.

Everyone is worried about Daniel as they don’t have any lead on where he could be in the current situation. Further, Daniel’s family mentioned that he usually suffers from, Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Who Is Daniel Olson’s Wife? Learn More About His Net Worth

Daniel Olson has become the subject of queries on the web as there is no trace of him at the current date. Meanwhile, many wonder if he has a wife in his life. However, his family has not shared many personal details in the media.

On the other hand, some people have searched for his net worth, which is still the subject of queries at the current date due to a lack of authentic sources.