Danny Pimsanguan – 6 Things To Know About Cody Garbrandt Wife

As many gain popularities by their work in different activities of life, others get theirs by being in a relationship with a star who is better known than they are. That is the case of Danny Pimsanguan, an elegant model whose notoriety rose to an enviable height after she became friends with UFC superstar mixed martial art expert, Cody Garbrandt.

Although Cody Garbrandt has had very good success since joining MMA in 2012 and has increased his level of popularity with his talent and skill at what he does, many fans are interested in knowing all there is about his wife Danny Pimsanguan who was not in the limelight until she came to be associated with him. For all the necessary details concerning her personal life before and after Garbrandt, keep reading.

Danny Pimsanguan’s Biography

Born Danielle Pimsanguan, on the 23rd of June, 1986, in Orange County, California, the beautiful wife of Cody was a twin and was raised by her father, Suwat Guy Pimsanguan. Being a bit on the tight-lipped side concerning her family and early life, her mother’s name is not known, but we know she is of Thai ancestry. Danny grew up sharing a very strong bond with her twin sister whose name is Lena Pimsanguan. She often posts their pictures on her social media handle.

The pretty model and wife of the mixed martial artist works at a Las Vegas-based modeling agency, Wet Republic Ultra Pool. She does her best to keep fit as a model by working out alongside her twin at the Team Alpha Male facility.

Marriage and Husband

Danny Pimsanguan has always kept her personal life away from the eye of the media; even after getting married to the mixed martial Artist, Cody Garbrandt, things did not change. It is still not known where and when her relationship with Cody kicked off as the model has declined all avenues of giving insights, but it is known that the martial artist, Cody, proposed to Danny sometime in April 2017 while they were on a vacation at Sedona.

Their period of courtship wasn’t quite long as they got married in a secret ceremony attended by just the family and a few friends in July of the same year he proposed. The news got to his fans and the general public through a public announcement made by the duo at a UFC tonight live episode. The couple welcomed their first child together, a son they named Kim Fisher Garbrandt.

Danny Pimsanguan’s husband Cody Ray Allen Garbrandt is also known as ‘No Love’, and is signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He was born on the 7th of July, 1991, in the city of Uhrichsville, Ohio, in the United States of America.

6 Things to Know about Coby Garbrandt’s Wife

1. The beautiful model, Cody Pimsanguan is five years older than her dear husband, Cody Garbrandt.

2. Danny’s husband, Cody, had dated fellow MMA fighter, Paige Vanzant. She is a UFC fighter in the Women’s strawweight division. Fans may remember her better for featuring on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 22 even though she and her partner Mark Ballas lost out in the finals to model Nyle Dimarco. It’s quite fascinating to note that Paige Vanzant and Danny Pimsanguan were very good friends.

3. Cody Grabrandt’s wife, Danny Pimsanguan is an active personality on social media. She is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where she controls a huge number of fan-following. Her presence on social media attracted such huge numbers especially because she is a model and the wife of a well-known personality. She posted her first pictures on Instagram in 2012 which was the same year she opened her first Instagram account.

4. The model has been doing quite well for herself in her modeling career and makes a reasonable amount of money from that and her other endeavors. Her earnings are yet to be calculated as most of her personal life is still away from the public. However, she enjoys the wealth her husband has garnered in the millions from his wrestling career. For his talent in the ring, Cody has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

5. The pretty model, Danny Pimsanguan stands at a remarkable height of 5 feet 8 inches and maintains a good weight of 62 kg or 136 lb.

6. Besides her modeling career, Cody’s wife, Danny Pimsanguan is also good at Muay Thai Kickboxing.